Gotham Knights will take multiple playthroughs to see whole story

Gotham Knights will take multiple playthroughs to see whole story

Gotham Knights, an upcoming open-world action game, will allow you to freely switch between four playable characters. The story will vary depending on who you’re playing, so you’ll need multiple playthroughs to experience everything the game has to offer narratively. Cinematics Director Wilson Mui and Game Director Geoff Ellenor discussed how switching between characters will affect the story in a recent interview with PLAY magazine (as first reported by MP1st).


A strong comeback for the team


WB Games Montreal is developing Gotham Knights, the prequel title to Batman Arkham: Origins, released in 2013. Since then, the studio has yet to release a title. Whatever caused the 9-year gap between games is unknown, but fans are hoping Gotham Knights will be a strong comeback for the team. It will be very different from their first AAA game in that there will be no Batman this time, and there will be a strong emphasis on online co-op because players can freely roam the open world with their friends.


Variations for each cinematic


Mui discussed the difficulties of creating variations for each cinematic in the game. He stated that the scenes would be “very similar” but that each would “fall in the flow” of the particular character being used. “Every character has their version [of the scene],” he continued. Because each character moves, speaks and has a unique history, the developers worked hard to make the cutscenes reflect this. 




The studio executives’ statements make it apparent that there won’t be any significant character changes, which makes sense given that the plot still needs to follow a linear course to permit players to switch freely. In any case, the conversation alterations are a great addition and will make the game more replayable. What’s your opinion about Gotham knight? Share them in the comment section below! 

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