H1Z1 New PS4 Update Released – Patch Notes of May 2nd

H1Z1 New PS4 Update Released – Patch Notes of May 2nd

H1Z1 will receive a new PS4 update today. We have the full patch notes for May 2nd. The servers for H1Z1 will be offline for about 2 hours to release this update.

With the PS4 update the new arcade mode “Third Person ADS” is added. There are also adjustments to the Crossbow.


H1Z1 Patch Notes of May 2nd


  • New Arcade Mode: Third Person ADS
    • Third Person ADS will run as a Solos Arcade Mode using the traditional BR Solos ruleset from May 2 through May 23.
  • EMP Crossbow Balance: Overall Damage and EMP effect range have been significantly reduced 
    • EMP Crossbow explosive damage to players has been reduced by 40%
    • The EMP splash range disabling vehicles has been reduced by 65%
    • The EMP explosive range dealing damage to players has been reduced by 10%
    • These EMP Crossbow tuning adjustments were implemented based on direct player feedback from our in-game surveys, forums and more. Thanks to all who provided feedback!
  • The Macho Crate is now available! Drop-and-rock with the Macho LMG, ARV, or parachute – you can preview all the new items directly in-game.


  • Camera orientation is now maintained when aiming down site as a passanger in a vehicle.
  • When spectating, the spectated player’s position is now shown on the mini-map.
  • Player health bars now remain accurate even when a spectating player quits.
  • Players carrying no items who are killed while in a vehicle no longer drop an empty loot bag.
  • Backdrop on Main Menu no longer occasionally disappears after exiting a match.
  • Play button is now hidden for members of a team who aren’t the leader.
  • “Hunter in BR” challenge can no longer be completed via suicide.
  • Mashing X button when purchasing crates should no longer freeze the UI.
  • Wildstyle Marauder Icon color scheme is now consistent with the weapon model.
  • Removed broken text string that was displayed at the bottom of the Exchange item screen.
  • Fixed “Go for Ride” challenge description to more accurately reflect the requirements.
  • Fixed typo on End Screen UI that said “Damages” instead of “Damage.”
  • Fixed cut-off text for “Assisted By” on the player elimination UI pop-up.
  • Urban pants no longer clip through footwear on female characters.

Written by: Carizma

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