H1Z1: Update 1.21 released – Snowstalker Items and Patch Notes

H1Z1: Update 1.21 released – Snowstalker Items and Patch Notes

Daybreak has released another update to H1Z1, H1Z1 Update 1.21 for PS4 is now available to all players. Although the game has been spent quite a long time in Early Access, Daybreak’s popular Battle Royale title H1Z1 is still regularly updated after its formal releases for PC and PS4 earlier this year. The latest update 1.21 brings a number of different bug fixes and three new Snowstalker bundles in the in-game store.


H1Z1 Patch Notes 1.21


  • Altered jump mechanic by maintaining your heading and velocity when you leave the ground. Now, you can freely aim or look around while jumping without prematurely shortening your leap. You still have the ability to alter your path slightly by using your left stick – for example, if you were going to overshoot a landing, pulling back on the left stick would allow you to correct this.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause weapons to lock.
  • Fixed certain Daily Challenges not getting cleared after completing them.
  • Environmental sound effects in the hospital no longer persist after leaving the area.
  • Group member indicators are no longer blocked by grid references in the compass.
  • Vehicle kills now show the correct vehicle and skin in the kill notification.
  • Cancelling queue no longer incorrectly highlights the Message of the Day window.
  • Cancelling queue now properly clears out the queue information window.
  • Removed redundant way to open Settings by pressing circle while spectating.

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