H1Z1: Update 1.22 released – Revive, Bug Fixes and Aim Control

H1Z1: Update 1.22 released – Revive, Bug Fixes and Aim Control

Daybreak released a new update to H1Z1 today, H1Z1 Update 1.22 for PS4 is now available to all players. The latest patch 1.22 introduces the Revive and the Airstrike signal.

In addition, some bugs have been fixed and the target acceleration options have been added.

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H1Z1 Patch Notes 1.22


  • We have added a Revive mechanic to Duos and Fives. Instead of dying, players will go into a “knocked down” state where they will have 60 seconds before they bleed out. Enemies can continue to damage you during this period, decreasing this time.
  • Downed players will have an icon on the minimap, over their head, and flash in the group window.
  • Teammates can rescue you by holding down Triangle, returning you with a small portion of health.
  • A team will be eliminated if all remaining members have been killed or are in the knocked down state.


  • The rare Airstrike Signal throwable appears in some Tier 2 and Tier 3 airdrops. When thrown, 3 waves of fighter-bombers will carpet bomb an area – so be sure to aim precisely and get out of the way!


There are now 3 aim acceleration models for you to choose from. These will allow you to adjust how the game responds to your right analog stick input. Here are the 3 options you will find in the Settings menu:

  • Linear – This is the original acceleration model. It linearly ramps your aim based on how far you push the right analog stick.
  • Exponential – This acceleration model ramps your aim a little faster than the linear model. It allows you to micro-adjust the analog stick, but will respond faster when you’re doing bigger movements.
  • High Response – This acceleration model is very responsive and designed for high-sensitivity players that want quick camera movements.

In addition, the maximum aim movement speed has been increased, so you can turn around faster. This change affects all 3 aim acceleration options equally.


  • Vehicle to player collision damage has been disabled.
  • Added a dark saturation screen effect for when health is 20% or lower.
  • Quick-throwing grenades no longer unequips or overwrites weapons; causing players to be unable to shoot or throw until switching weapons.
  • Weapon swapping while attempting to throw a grenade will now perform the actions back-to-back rather than canceling both actions.
  • Players can now access and throw the last set of throwables after firing their weapon with multiple types of throwables equipped.
  • Starting safe areas should no longer be on the extreme edges of the map.
  • Loot from world crates opened near walls will no longer be inaccessible.
  • Loot bag button prompt no longer disappears (and fails to reappear) after untargeting the bag.
  • Moving the camera no longer incorrectly turns off the vehicle engine while driving.
  • Fog density is now consistent across all game modes.
  • Fixed a broken string displayed when creating a team.
  • Error message now plays when attempting to loot Combat Boots when you already have a pair equipped.
  • Fixed non-default skinned shoes incorrectly dropping in player loot bags.
  • Backing out of the Store screens no longer causes bundle descriptions to be missing.
  • 5.56 belt ammo and 7.62 ammo now have unique on-ground models.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after entering a suspended state and resuming the application.
  • Several other minor UI fixes.

Written by: Carizma

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