Halo Head Bonnie Ross Leaves 343 Studios after 28 years

Halo Head Bonnie Ross Leaves 343 Studios after 28 years

Bonnie Ross, the founder of 343 Industries and Corporate VP at Xbox Game Studios, has announced that she’ll be leaving. This is after a rough period with Halo’s next phase as a live service game. Also, a promise to enhance the entire experience with Halo Infinite’s winter roadmap. The reason was purely personal, as she had to attend to a family medical emergency.


The Godmother of Halo

Bonnie Ross is the godmother of Halo. Ross helped found 343 industries made it into a studio that would carry Bungie’s legacy.  343 Industries worked on the Winter update for Halo Infinite, which was released on November 8 and brought the much anticipated Forge Mode and the co-op feature for the campaign. However, it cancels the the split-screen co-op functionality.


Bonnie Ross: Role in 3 parts


The leadership team at Microsoft will restructure Bonnie’s role into three parts. To serve the franchise better, only show how much she was doing all alone at Microsoft and 343 Industries. The new position holders will be Franchise GM Bryan Koski, Studio Head Pierre Hintze, and Business and Operations Lead Elizabeth Van Wyck.


Final thoughts


We can be happy to know the studio won’t be affected by her departure, though it is still sad to see someone very influential to the gaming industry on both humanistic levels and development leave the scene.


Written by: verena smith

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