Halo Infinite: recent roadmap is Stirring Controversies

Halo Infinite: recent roadmap is Stirring Controversies

The new roadmap for Halo Infinite is getting controversial, and the fanbase is starting to wonder whether it had a 10-year plan, to begin with. Since Season 3 is being delayed by four months, it implies that Season 2 will have lasted 10 months by the time it ends. Some players felt it’s far from enough content for a game to sustain for a year, let alone ten.

Halo Infinite: 10-Year Plan Seems Unlikely


343 Industries has also delayed the ability to play the game in couch co-op on split-screen. It always has the dream of the players, so now that the Halo Infinite roadmap is out. Fans don’t want to keep their hopes up as it was being axed entirely, much to the dismay of gamers. Not only that, but Season 3 for Halo Infinite was supposed to come out shortly, when instead, it’s expected to be released on March 2023, making it seem like the studios’ alleged 10-year plan is not coming to fruition.

Take away 


Some were assuming that this was the end of the franchise. But we’ll never know. The game can still recover in time. Does this make you curious about the challenges they’re having with their workflow right now?

Do you think couch co-op is possible at all?

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