Hellpoint Update 1.04 Patch Notes on August 24

Hellpoint Update 1.04 Patch Notes on August 24

Cradle Games today released a new update for Hellpoint. We will have all the information about this patch on August 24th.

The Hellpoint Xbox One Update 1.04 / is now available for download. The update includes many bug fixes, such as the problem with online multiplayer on Xbox.

This update was only released for Xbox One and PS4! Cradle Games has so far published all updates individually for the respective platform.


Hellpoint Patch Notes 1.04

  • XOne
  • PS4: 1.04


PS4 1.04

  • Fixed the softlock in the Sentient fight cinematic (black screen)
  • Fixed the issue with enemies having empty health bars while being still alive in co-op mode
  • Fixed the guest receiving "invisible attacks" in the co-op mode
  • The host can now kick the guest in co-op mode using the "Disconnect" option in the Online tab
  • A lot of items can now be dismantled
  • Fixed the Ghost having overly powerful stats in New Game +
  • Fixed items that weren’t accessible
  • Fixed Nemundis’ revive option from the council
  • An attempt to fix the ghost locking itself in strafing or dodging
  • Fixed Celestial Beast not spawning properly as "tinyBeast" pet
  • Added game version display to the main menu
  • Added the "Level of detail" option to the .config file (the file is located here: %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Cradle Games\Hellpoint)
  • Performance optimization on FX and interactive objects
  • Fixed Interface having an "exploitable" floor pattern
  • Fixed Interface laser being blocked by its arms
  • Fixed Interface laser dealing one-shot damage instead of damage over time
  • Added a floating platform to the Sentient fight (co-op)
  • Fixed the quest reward for Ozyormy Goija, added a missing catalyst to the world
  • Tweaked the "wall" firing mode of the Channelers
  • Changed when the Council opens Nemundis’ gate when turning in 150% quest so it doesn’t stay closed
  • Fixed a stuck Horde in Arisen Palace
  • Online sample rate is now 30 instead of 100, which should prevent buffer overflow
  • Fixed a Ring Puzzle fog gate not opening properly
  • Fixed an exploit involving the Omnicube Transposition
  • Clamped the energy cost reduction from the Firearm Conductor
  • Increased the Dagger and Shard hitbox reach
  • Tweaked some Twitch integration vote options
  • Optimized the main processor cost of the axion effects


Xbox One

  • Online multiplayer on Xbox One has been fixed
  • Fixed the dropping frame rate issue
  • Items no longer disappear from the inventory
  • Players whose items disappeared from their inventories now can return them. Previously lost keys, omnicubes, programs, blueprints and healing items are returned to your inventory when you visit the level they were previously looted in.
    Example: you found a key at Sohn District and it disappeared from your inventory. When you enter Sohn District again, this key is automatically added to your backpack. Unfortunately, weapons, armor and consumables (like upgrade chips) cannot be recovered. Accept our apologies for this.
  • Fixed an issue were the omnicube could be unequipped
  • Fixed the second swing of the Victim’s Poker not doing any damage
  • Fixed the Shield Charge (to execute it, raise your shield and rush at an enemy while holding down the Sprint button)
  • Reduced the number of save interactions with the cloud
  • Fixed a situation where armor would not work at its fullest if its minimum requirements are provided by a body or mind module (this includes a specific spacesuit not working in space)
  • Fixed a number of loot items being invisible
  • Fixed switches that link Alma Mater to the Building where they could be used only once
  • Fixed a display issue where dismantling items would show pretty bonkers values
  • Automatically equip the omnicube for people who unequipped it and couldn’t equip back
  • Fixed the damage cone of different shotguns’ firing mode
  • Fixed the melee attack of the Daemon Cannon weapon
  • Tweaking of the Sentient
  • Added feedback to the main menu when the game is synchronizing with the cloud
  • Added timeout to the synchronization if the cloud is too heavy
  • Optimized a number of calls towards the cloud
  • Fixed the material stencil on the Artillery weapon
  • Fixed the numbers displayed in the Weapon Editor
  • Fixed the player not holding heavy weapons on his shoulder
  • Fixed the outro cinematic of the hard-mode Sentient
  • Fixed the Radiation healing so it would remove the damage over time effect
  • Potential fix for the Ghost that keeps walking back into a wall
  • Removed and changed the timing of servers requests
  • Fixed firearms and catalysts in the online multiplayer
  • Fixed omnicube replication in the online multiplayer
  • Fixed a crash happening when two attacks were being executed at the same time while playing in online co-op
  • Fixed a potential lock up when attacking with a melee weapon and a firearm at nearly the same time


Source: Discord

Written by: Carizma

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  1. Shane Carey August 24, 2020 | Reply

    updated game about 30mins ago
    still have white box items in inventory, game crashes when move over them

  2. Mic August 24, 2020 | Reply

    Is there a way to remove the white boxed gear from your inventory? Maybe i missed it

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