Horizon Zero Dawn PC Update 1.09 is Live – Patch Notes on December 8

Horizon Zero Dawn PC Update 1.09 is Live – Patch Notes on December 8

Guerrilla Games released a new PC Steam update for Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition. Below are the full patch notes for this update on December 8.

The Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.09 is now available for download, PC only. Today’s update fixes a few bugs and there are some improvements.


HZD PC Edition Patch Notes 1.09

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching resolutions
  • Fixed a crash that occurred during the cutscene during main quest “The Face of Extinction” after objective “Defend The Ridge”
  • Fixed a cause of GPU hangs on certain combinations of GPU/driver/memory

Performance Improvements

  • Improved the automatic Shader Optimization step in the menu – The optimization step message should now show less frequently on mid-/higher spec machines (please note you are also able to skip it on most machines!)
  • Added a VRAM Gauge that indicates amount of VRAM available and used, to help you optimize graphical settings for your hardware
  • Fixed RenderTarget aliasing, which reduces VRAM usage which may improve performance, texture quality and model quality

Graphical Improvements

  • Fixed HDR looking washed out on certain HDR configurations
  • Fixed Depth Buffer Copies which should fix multiple graphical glitches
  • Fixed graphical glitches due to RenderTarget aliasing not working correctly
  • Fixed that fog turned off when you turn off shadows in graphical settings
  • Fixed plant simulation at frame rates higher than 30FPS

Gameplay Improvements

  • Fixed that holding W when looting no longer stops registering other keys until release


  • Fixed several warning message localization issues on Windows
  • Improved the benchmark results screen


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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