Horizon Zero Dawn 2: Voice Actress Teases Sequel

Horizon Zero Dawn 2: Voice Actress Teases Sequel

Good news for “Horizon Zero Dawn” fans: The successful open-world game by Guerilla Games enters a second round. Although this information is not yet official. But voice actress Janina Gavankar, who set Tatai to music in the DLC “The Frozen Wilds“, got a little teaser in conversation with a fan. As can be read in a Reddit post, Gavankar revealed at the “Star Wars Celebration” in Chicago that a sequel was in progress.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2: Even better than the first part?

But not only that. She even promised that the second part would be even better than the first. Excited, the actress spoke to a few secrets that she already knows and that fans are rightly allowed to be excited. Unfortunately, she did not get more out of it. So open-world fans must probably prove a little patience.

After all, the hope for “Horizon Zero Dawn 2” should not be in vain. The last small preview of the sequel was in 2017, when Guerilla Games itself spoke of continuing the emotional story around heroine Aloy in a possible successor. Artistic director Jan-Bart van Beek explained that he wanted more machines for part two. Part one, which was able to sell 2.6 million copies within just two weeks of release, still did not allow hundreds of machines to be designed. The developer also saw room for improvement in terms of handling and the number of weapons.

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