Hunt: Showdown Update is Live for Fixes on August 2nd

Hunt: Showdown Update is Live for Fixes on August 2nd

Today, August 2nd, there’s a small update for Hunt Showdown. We’ll tell you what the new patch includes here.

The new Hunt Showdown Update can now be downloaded from Steam. There are just a few tweaks and bug fixes. Unfortunately, we do not know the file size, we will add the data as soon as we have it.


Hunt Showdown Patch Notes

  • Tentatively fixed an issue where players could get stuck in a slow walking/moving speed. This issue occured after placing and running into Bear Traps.
  • Fixed some instances of crashes that could occur.
  • Fixed some UI issues that could lead to “No Platform account” message to be displayed instead of player’s name
    • “No platform account” was shown in the team details screen after restarting the game
    • “No platform account” was displayed in the team details screen for player using a Steam account

  • More logs have been added to the game in order to investigate 0x20007 error messages that could appear when trying to queue for Quickplay.
    (In case this occurs to you, please reach out to one of our community managers or moderators and provide your Game.log file so we can investigate the issue further.)


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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