Hyper Scape Update 0.4 Patch Notes on July 18th

Hyper Scape Update 0.4 Patch Notes on July 18th

Hyper Scape has received a new beta update. We have the official patch notes from Ubisoft, which you can find below.

The Hyper Scape Update 0.4 is now available, of course only for all PC Beta players. The patch contains many optimizations and bug fixes, what else!

The download for this patch is quite small at 182 MB and can be downloaded quickly.


Hyper Scapr Patch Notes 0.4 on July 18th



Detailed changes:

  • Reduced Rate of Fire to 90 RPM, down from 115
  • Reduced Explosion Area of Effect (AoE) to 3R, down from 4.5R
  • Reduced Proximity Radius to 0.55R, down from 0.7R
  • Reduced Physical Pushback by 45%
  • Increased Damage to 27/27/27/27/34, up from 22/22/22/22/28

We’re making important changes to the Salvo to address your feedback. We realize the weapon can still be frustrating when encountered indoors in carpet-bombing, or that you feel it does not require enough skill to be efficient.

Salvo will now be a slower, more precise grenade launcher, with reduced pushback on explosion to limit movement impairment. Proximity detonation radius has been reduced, as well as the explosion AoE. Salvo will still be an efficient weapon but will require more aiming skill and timing.

We will continue monitoring it closely during Open Beta.


Detailed changes:

  • Strongly reduced Point-Blank Damage
  • Reduced Explosion AoE to 1.5R, down from 2.5R
  • Increased DMG to 25/25/25/25/30, up from 22/22/22/22/28

We’ve readjusted the Komodo to increase the skill required to use it efficiently and made changes to prevent point-blank usage – we believe having no friendly fire is an important anti-toxicity element of Hyper Scape but shooting at your own feet should not be an efficient way of damaging other players.

We will continue monitoring it closely during Open Beta.


We discovered a bug making the Hexfire too efficient with a controller in certain cases. This has now been fixed. Hexfire now requires the same aiming skills as the other automatic weapons, as intended. See the Key Known Issues section below for more detail on other aiming issues we’re working on.



Detailed changes:

  • The Detection Range has been increased to 60 meters, up from 50m
  • The Detection Angle has been increased to 50 degrees, up from 40 degrees

The Reveal Hack has been reinforced and should be more useful now. It now has a larger detection frustum (yes, to my surprise it’s a word) in term of angle and range.

REMINDER: Reveal and Invisibility are respective countermeasures. Reveal can cancel Invisibility, which in return can cancel any Reveal effect (including the one from the Reveal Game Event). The last effect triggered has the last word.


Detailed changes:

  • Projectile HP reduced to 75, down from 90
  • Projectile Acceleration reduced to 6, down from 8

The Mine has seen its popularity and efficiency increase greatly since the beginning of the Open Beta, and we’re making some adjustments to make sure it stays balanced with the rest of the meta.

We’ve reduced Mine Projectile Hit Points so it will be easier to destroy and reduced its acceleration to give players more time to react.


Detailed changes:

  • Cooldown increased to 12/11/10/9/7s, up from 10/9/8/7/5s
  • Lifetime duration reduced to 25 seconds, down from 120s

We’ve seen a few ways the Wall can be exploited and we’re making some changes to keep it balanced, while retaining its creative and defensive value.

We’ve increased its Cooldown a bit and reduced each Wall’s lifetime duration to unclutter the gameplay space a bit and prevent players from staying on top of them for long time with no effort (hello, snipers).


Detailed changes:

  • Shockwave: Cooldown increased to 10/9/8/7/5s, up from 9/8/7/6/4s, to match other fast hacks
  • Slam: Cooldown increased to 12/11/10/9/7s, up from 10/9/8/7/5s, to match Teleport Cooldown
  • Armor: Duration decreased to 5 seconds, down from 6s

We’ve made a few minor changes to harmonize balance between hacks.



Detailed changes:

  • Supply Crate Event: We now display HUD icons for the 2 nearest crates with no range limit
  • Health Kit Event: Picking up a Health Kit now heals 120 Health Points, up from 40 HP

Supply Crate and Health Kit Game Events have been adjusted to make them more valuable for both Contenders and Viewers. Supply Crates will now be easier to find, and the Health Kits will give you more health.

REMINDER: Supply Crates generated by the Game Event drop 1 fully fused hack + 1 fully fused weapon, guaranteed!



Detailed changes:

  • Increased Sector Decay Damage a bit for the whole match
  • Increased Sector Decay Damage Showdown Multiplier to x7, up from x5
  • Fixed a bug preventing Showdown Decay Damage Multiplier from properly applying in several cases
  • Crown Bearer’s global Hack Cooldown penalty increased to +50%, up from +33%

We’ve monitored Showdown strategies & certain exploits closely during the first days of Open Beta and realized that the changes we made for patch 0.3 we’re not as effective as we planned, largely due to a bug that is now fixed but also for balancing reasons. We’re making more adjustments to Showdown & Crown, and Sector Decay Damage in general. For patch 0.4 the damage multiplier of collapsed sectors during Showdown will be increased again. We also fixed a bug that was cancelling that damage multiplier in certain cases. The Cooldown penalty for Crown Bearer will also be slightly increased.

We are looking into more changes & fixes for Showdown, but these modifications should already bring noticeable improvements to your experience.

Finally, Sector Decay Damage will be increased a bit overall, as we felt it was slightly too forgiving.


Detailed changes:

  • Enemy Threat Ping duration has been reduced to 7 seconds, down from 20s
  • Generic Threat Ping duration has been reduced to 7 seconds, down from 8s

We’ve fixed an issue on the Threat Ping. Both Generic Threat Ping (on location) & Enemy Threat Ping (directly on an enemy) duration had different timings and were too long, so we’ve harmonized them. This should provide a less Ping-cluttered environment, and more up-to-date threat info.



  • Fixed a bug where, while restoring a squad mate, the interaction would get interrupted
  • Fixed a bug where the sector damage multiplier during Showdown was sometimes not applying correctly
  • Fixed a bug where some matches wouldn’t end
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes Echoes wouldn’t lose the Crown after getting eliminated


  • Fixed an issue where pressing and holding down the ADS key during a weapon switch wouldn’t cause the weapon to be in ADS after the switch
  • Fixed an issue where switching from a single shot weapon to an automatic weapon while holding the ‘Shoot’ key wouldn’t make the automatic weapon resume shooting
  • Fixed an issue where automatic weapons wouldn’t restart shooting if the ADS key was held down right after switching from melee or any semi-automatic weapon
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the ‘Instant Melee’ key while in ADS or shooting wouldn’t resume ADS or shooting after the end of the animation
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the ‘Instant Melee’ key while shooting in the air with an automatic weapon would not resume shooting after the end of the animation
  • Fixed an issue where swapping a weapon while it was auto reloading and picking it up again would make the weapon to not be able to reload and shot with it
  • Fixed an issue where if Contenders were already in ADS while using a bumper and reloading while staying on it, ADS would only trigger after landing on the bumper again
  • Fixed an issue where the Protocol V could not be auto reloaded after pressing the ‘Instant Melee’ key while the weapon was on its last clip
  • Fixed an issue where the Inventory Wheel couldn’t be opened while the Mammoth Mark I or Protocol V weapons were reloading
  • Fixed an issue where the post bolt-action reloading animation of the Mammoth Mark I and Protocol V would not continue automatically after switching weapons or using a hack
  • Fixed an issue where opening the World Map would interrupt the post bolt-action reloading animation and only continue after closing it for the Mammoth Mark I and Protocol V weapons


  • Fixed an issue where Contenders would be unable to sprint after sliding while using the Armor or Invisibility hacks even if the sprint button was held down


  • Fixed a bug where Health Kit boxes did not heal at all during the Health Kit event


  • Fixed a bug where the Daily Shop would not show any items after daily reset, requiring a reboot of the game
  • Fixed a bug where the daily deals in the Daily Shop would not refresh properly after daily reset, requiring a reboot of the game


  • Fixed a bug where Twitch Prime rewards were in a locked state after rebooting the game with an active Twitch Prime account


  • Fixed several client and server crashes


  • Adhesion: There is currently a gamepad controller bug being worked on where quick movements, especially Teleport, will “snap” the player’s aim to the target. This is unintended and will be addressed soon.
  • Audio: Weapon and footstep audio cuts out mid-match + music missing during drop. We are still investigating the root cause of this one.


Source: Ubisoft

Written by: Carizma

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