In Fortnite, all police cars have been removed

In Fortnite, all police cars have been removed

Where are all the police cars in Fortnite? Players look for them in Battle Royale and Creative modes, but they don’t find them. Developer Epic Games has now commented.

The new Season 3 of Chapter 2 recently started in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Such a change of season ensures changes on the map. This is now flooded over a large area in the water.

As a result, some vehicles that were previously found are now in the water. They are not usable. But as Kotaku reports, a very special type of vehicle is completely missing: police cars.


Police cars turn into normal cars

Usually the police cars were found in various places on the map. Just like trucks or ice cream trucks. Now all police cars have disappeared, why?

Epic Games commented on this issue to the Wall Street Journal. They explain that this is not a “political statement”. The reason for this is “sensitive to [current] topics”.

The patrol cars were not removed directly, police cars appear and then immediately turn into normal cars.

Written by: Carizma

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