Infestation: The New Z Update 2.40 Patch Notes on November 29

Infestation: The New Z Update 2.40 Patch Notes on November 29

Fredaikis AB today released a new update for Infestation: The New Z. We have all the information about this patch on November 29th.

Infestation: The New Z Update 2.40 is now available for download. The download is about 900 MB and should start automatically as soon as your launcher opens.

Below you will find most of the patch notes, all information and images can be found here.


The New Z Patch Notes 2.40

Overall Updates:

WINTER 2019:

It’s time to announce and enable our major Winter 2019 event. This event is much more than just a weekend or week event. It’s starting now, with  the release of this patch and will end in around 2-3 months. The event can be considered as a seasonal event. This means all features listed below will only be active and available during the event period. Here’s what we have for you guys:

  • Winter 2019 Trading Lounge & PVP Map.
  • Winter themed Season Pass #2. More about this soon. Season pass won’t be instantly released at this patch but will be released soon after, most likely the Monday after the weekend event which will be December 2, 2019.
  • Winter 2019 Box. Brand new content including the new “Winter Camo” skin set. Also includes items such as the Riot Shield Winter Camo, Snow Ball Grenade and the Bear Hat to keep you warm this winter! Check the icons below or just check the content of the box in the in-game marketplace.
    • Box will be available in the in-game marketplace for GC.
    • Box will be spawning from Super Zombies, Alien Super Zombies, Toxic Super Zombies & rare loot in both Open World and Survival.
  • Winter 2019 staves. 2 Special collectable unique staffs that players both in the Open World and Survival game-mode can grind for. Here are the two staves:
    • Sapphire Staff of Hope
      The Sapphire brings the power of hope. A hope for a better world. A hope for a better life. Hope in humanity. Hope in the future.
    • Emerald Staff of Wisdom
      The green emerald emanates the light, which has the power of wisdom. Just by being in the presence of it will help you understand the world.

      Now, you might wonder how to get them. This is different in Open World and Survival. Below we will explain how to get the staff(s):
      In both game-modes players can find and collect so called ‘crystals’. There is two crystals added:

    • Sapphire Crystal
    • Emerald Crystal
      And here is what to do with the crystals once you have enough:
    • Open World: Players can trade in 250 Sapphire OR 250 Emerald Crystals in the trading lounge (using the repeatable mission) at the vending machine. For 250 of each crystal you can get a unique staff. You can collect and trade in as many as you want.
    • Survival: Players can craft 250 Sapphire OR 250 Emerald Crystals in a Sapphire or Emerald Staff. For 250 of each crystal you can get a unique staff. You can collect and craft as many as you want.
  • Winter 2019 Secret Spots. Secret winter spots players can find and farm at in both Open World and Survival. Winter secret spots can be found on the following maps: Colorado V2, Colorado V1, Caliwood, Oregon. Winter spots have a higher concentration of spawning winter related items including crystals and the Winter 2019 box.
  • Winter 2019 Character clothes. Available for purchase through the character selection screen. Winter 2019 Character clothes will be available for the following characters: Rockin’ Rolla, Hunter, Ex Cage Fighter and Club Promoter.


  • Added big amounts of content for the Christmas 2019 event already. More info about this will follow throughout December. Christmas 2019 event planned start date is December 20, 2019.
  • Fixed a bug where not all map filters would show on the servers list in the main menu.
  • Fixed a bug related to the taunt system where your game would glitch when using a taunt.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when leaving a group.


  • Fixed an issue related to the Halloween circus tent models where players could glitch from the inside through the wall to the outside.


  • Added rank 1 character skins for November 2019.


  • Added a new super zombie type: The Slicer. This is a new unique kind of big/super zombie in New Z. At the moment we are still testing it and making sure it’s 100% working before we release it but we’re at a stage now that we are 99% sure it will be released very soon. The slicer has unique sounds, animations, stats and behavior. It’s around the same size as a super zombie but has a lot more health.

    The slicer won’t be released just yet but you all can expect it will be released in both Open World and Survival very soon. We will finalize its stats and AI and when we release the Slicer we will let you all know exactly how it will behave, how much health it will have etc.


Item & Skin Updates:


  • Melees now have separated player and zombie damage values. This allowed us to change and adjust the damage values for melees better and more in-depth. We have left the damage against zombies for melees the same while we have lowered the damage of most of the melees against players. There is now also a new bar added in the statistics UI (when selecting a melee) that shows the damage vs. a player and/or against a zombie.


  • Fixed an issue related to dropping taunt recipes where there was no model. There is now a model and it’s no longer invisible.
  • Fixed an issue related to the FN Scar CQC Desion where it had too much reflection on some maps.
  • Fixed an issue related to the M4 Desion where it had too much reflection on some maps.


  • Sprays now have their own TPS/dropped model. When dropping any spray on the ground there now is a spray can model.


  • Added a new normal Riot Shield: Riot Shield Golden Tar Gibelin. This is a shield dedicated to the player who had the most kills on the last New Z Super Cup.
  • Added a new clan Riot Shield: Riot Shield 24HR.


Open World Updates:


  • Spawns in PVP servers will now check for the spawn with the least amount of players nearby.


  • Adjusted the fog level around night time. Slightly increased the amount of fog on further distances around 11 PM in-game time.


  • Adjusted the fog level. Slightly increased the amount of fog on further distances.

Survival Updates:


  • It’s time we take the building system to the next level. After this patch we will enable building on at least 1 Colorado V2 server per region. We’d like to see first how the Survival players react to this and based on further feedback we might make final changes before we enable building on all Survival servers.
    We are able to turn building on/off per server dynamically without restarting anything so if all goes according to plan expect every Survival server to have building enabled later on.


  • Added the base build hammer to the crafting list. You need the following materials to be able to craft this hammer: 10x Wood, 8x Metal, 2x Glue, 1x Nails.
  • Added the cupboard to the crafting list. You need the following materials to be able to craft this hammer: 25x Metal.
  • Exchange missions have been updated:
    • Consumables Exchange
      • Exchange 3x Water 375ml for 1x Electro-AID.
    • Pistol Exchange
      • Exchange 5x Kurger .22 for 1x Desert Eagle.
    • Assault Rifle Exchange
      • Exchange 2x Scar CQC for 1x Scar Night Stalker.
    • Sub Machine Gun Exchange
      • Exchange 2x Thompson for 1x P90S.
    • Mixed Exchange
      • Exchange 2x PKM Ammo Box for 5x Stanag 30.


  • Removed the radiation zone from Clearview since there is a high concentration of PVP in this area.


  • Adjusted the fog level. Slightly increased the amount of fog on further distances.
  • Harvestable resources have been added to the map. This means players can now also farm wood, metal and stone in this map.
  • Also added “no building” areas everywhere to prevent players to build in particular areas.
  • Fixed the terrain around the safe zone. The safe zone is no longer clipping inside the terrain and overall terrain has been made smoother.
  • Players can now also do the exchange missions in Caliwood.




Before we end these patch notes let’s talk about what you guys can expect to be coming in terms of event(s).

  • Black Friday Sale on November 29, 2019
  • Christmas Calendar starting December 1, 2019 and ending December 25, 2019.
  • Christmas 2019 event starting December 20, 2019 and ending January 6, 2019.

Written by: Carizma

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