Infinity Ward with announcement to cheater

Infinity Ward with announcement to cheater

The developers of the trendy first person shooter “Modern Warfare” released a clear announcement to all cheaters a few days ago. This statement clearly shows that cheaters are not tolerated under any circumstances and are permanently banned. This means players who use computer programs such as Aimbot or the like.

What is an aimbot? An aimbot is a computer program that automatically targets opponents so that the player hits every shot without having to aim himself. There are lots of other cheats like wallhack this cheat lets you see opponents through walls.


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  1. Koolwater August 25, 2020 | Reply

    Yet you still allow the cheaters and hackers to play with the aimbot and any other hacks as long as they are spending money on the game. I had a buddy try this out on his pc. He bought the full version of the game and buys coins and everything in the store and still runs a aimbot and wall hack. He ran this as a test and still never have been banned going on 90 days now. I play on xbox. . You dont really care about fair play you just care about the money. If you going to make the statement of warning players and and banning them . You should banned their IP and not their name or email . They can change that on a regular basis.

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