Insurgency: Hotfix 2 Update 1.7.1 on September 23

Insurgency: Hotfix 2 Update 1.7.1 on September 23

The Multiplayer shooter Insurgency Sandstorm has recieved a new hotfix for Update 1.7.1. We have the complete Patch Notes of this Update on September 23.

New World Interactive has released the update, Insurgency Hotfix 2 can now be downloaded. The update has now been released first for the PC version, the console players will have to wait a few days.


Insurgency Sandstorm: Hotfix 2 Update 1.7.1 Patch Notes

Hotfix 2 that addresses the following issues:

  • Removed global invalidation from the game which was causing extreme stuttering for some players
  • Fixed an issue where helicopter Fire Support kills wouldn’t be marked as Commander and Observer kills
  • Fixed a collision issue on Summit Frontline objective D allowing players to move through a wall
  • Fixed an issue with mines not exploding when driven over by vehicles
  • Fixed an issue preventing ammo boxes from being available in Hardcore checkpoint scenarios
  • Addressed some lighting issues on night version of Outskirts map
Known Issues:
  • Fire support sounds will sometimes play out of order or not at all
  • Voice over lines for fire support kills are not triggering properly
  • In-game hints may show a gap between the text and relevant hotkey under certain circumstances
  • Setting a community server as a favorite does not save
  • The Welrod may clip with the camera in restricted areas
  • The third person vaulting animation may show the players leg clipping with the world
  • Night Maps Replays are played back with the incorrect lighting scenario
  • Not able to scavenge skinned weapon magazines from the Honey Badger and Mk14 EBR


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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