Iron Man: EA Confirms Single Player Development

Iron Man: EA Confirms Single Player Development

According to a news article on the official EA website, a third-person action-adventure Iron Man game is being developed by Motive Studio, a Montreal-based subsidiary studio. Motive’s goal is for players “to feel what it’s like to play as Iron Man genuinely.” Thus, It is said to contain an original narrative that draws into the character’s rich history.


Oliver Proulx is in charge of the project


Bill Rosemann, vice president and creative director at Marvel Games expressed his enthusiasm for the game. Initially, he praised Motive’s prowess at working with well-known titles before expressing his high hopes for it. 


Oliver Proulx, the Executive Producer at Motive is in charge of the project. Proulx worked on important games, including Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and the single-player mode of Marvel’s Avengers.


A more linear experience


Before today, there had been some speculation that EA was working on an Iron Man game, but the information wasn’t confirmed, and there wasn’t much else to say. It’s interesting to note that throughout the essay, the phrase “open-world” is noticeably absent, indicating that this may be a more linear experience, similar to Guardians.


Hiring announcement


 The post concluded with a hiring announcement, indicating that EA is likely attempting to attract top personnel who would want to work on such a well-known game in addition to just revealing the project to fans. They said this was “the first of multiple new games” and “an exciting new collaboration between Marvel and Electronic Arts.” It was claimed over a month ago that EA was allegedly also working on a AAA open-world Black Panther game. 


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