Just Cause 4: Patch Notes 1.01 – Day One Patch

Just Cause 4: Patch Notes 1.01 – Day One Patch

Square Enix has just released the first update to Just Cause 4. Patch 1.01 includes 2.3 gigabytes on the Playstation 4, all known details can be found below in the Patch Notes.

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Just Cause 4 – Patch 1.01

  • Map update, including the display of “locked items”, a reward preview for taking over regions, and reworking symbols.
  • New Game + option has been added
  • The control of boats has been optimized
  • Underwater visualizations have been improved
  • Additional tips for the interface
  • Visual effects on explosions, sparks, rain and burns have been improved
  • Vehicle destruction now has more stupid things
  • Various optimizations across the game

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  1. Commodity December 5, 2018 | Reply

    Does Just Cause 4 have cloud save? Just Cause 3 didn’t have it and i was hoping there would be cloud save but I’m not sure yet.

    • Rodrigo December 10, 2018 | Reply

      Just started playing on another PS4 and my progress is nowhere to be found. I have PS Plus so I’m guessing it’s not supported.

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