Kingdom Under Fire 2 – Preview of the first Patch 01 in December

Kingdom Under Fire 2 – Preview of the first Patch 01 in December

Many fans have been waiting a long time, now Kingdom Under Fire 2 is available for a few days. We now have a preview of the first update, Patch 01, which will be released in early December.

The launch of Kingdom Under Fire 2 was a great success, with thousands of players taking part in the epic battles and having a blast. Despite the good start, there are some mistakes in the game, which should now be resolved.

The developers have released a list of bugs to be fixed in December with Patch 01.

In addition to the points listed below are other topics and improvements in the conversation. Therefore, the list is not final, as soon as there is news, we will tell you about it.


Patch 01 Preview – Kingdom Under Fire 2


  • Lucky Chest can have high-grade troop coin as reward
    • The whole chest has been reworked
  • Increased max guild member size from 40 to 60
  • Added Enchantment Stone Options
  • Set full screen mode as default setting during game to improve game performance
  • Removed Cubic costs for world chat
  • Removed Diamond tab from cash shop
  • Modified texts for the Gunslinger class
  • Modification of quest content related to troop growth (troop skill)
  • Troop skill tactics: changed dialog according to troop skills
  • Modified upgrade materials of troop equipment’s
  • Added some upgrade materials that were missing

Fixed issues:
A lot of the mentioned topics in the past regarding UI, translation and bugs are going to be tackled with the December update. We will provide a more detailed list when the update hits live.

Written by: Carizma

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