Last Epoch – Beta Patch Notes 0.7.0c from May 7

Last Epoch – Beta Patch Notes 0.7.0c from May 7

Last Epoch has received a new beta update, we have the full patch notes 0.7.0c dated May 7.

The game Last Epoch is currently in the early access testing phase, so there will be frequent updates and it may cause connectivity issues. Last Epoch is available on Steam for $ 29.99.


Last Epoch Patch Notes 0.7.0c Early Access

Load Times

  • Fixed an issue with the mini-map system which caused some zones to take several minutes to load, and likely contributed to load times elsewhere.
  • Reworked and optimized the loading process itself to further decrease load times. Some parts of it were necessary in the past due to engine constraints, but those are no longer needed.


  • Increased arena difficulty scaling speed by about 50%.


  • Avalanche
    • Reduced the area of effect of each snowball by 29%
    • Adjusted the visual indicator to match the area of effect (previously it was drastically undersized)
  • Black Hole
    • 10% reduced duration
    • 20% reduced outer pull radius
    • Cooldown increased to 10 seconds (from 8 seconds)
    • Slightly reduced pull strength
    • Increased base damage per second from 4 to 16
    • Reduced added damage effectiveness per second from 2 to 1
  • Reduced Hammer Throw’s aura default damage per second from 30 to 20. It was mistakenly dealing fire damage but was already quite powerful, so this has been changed now that it scales as you would expect.
  • Teleport Tree changes
    • The node that grants ward based on your intelligence grants 1 ward per point of intelligence (down from 2) and can have a maximum of 1 point allocated (down from 5)
    • The node that grants a flat amount of ward now grants 10 per point (down from 25)
    • Fixed a bug where the node that granted increased elemental damage didn’t work
    • The node that grants increased cooldown recovery if you have teleport recently can have up to 2 points allocated (down from 4)
    • The node that adds a cooldown now requires one point in the node that increases the duration of buffs, rather than being connected to the start
    • The node that increases the duration of buffs now requires 2 points in the previous node (down from 3)
    • The node that casts Elemental Nova at the location you teleport from now requires one point in the node that casts Elemental Nova at the location you teleport to. This node does not work if Elemental Nova has a cooldown.
    • Added a new node that casts Elemental Nova half way between the location you teleport from and the location you teleport to. This node does not work if Elemental Nova has a cooldown.
    • Added a new node that converts 10% of your current health per point to ward at twice its value
    • Added a new node that grants stun immunity if you have teleported recently
  • The Catalyst of Fire node on the Flame Reave tree grants 10% chance to cast fireball on hit (down from 15%), and can have a maximum of 4 points allocated (down from 7).
  • Increased Storm Totem’s damage by 40%
  • Companion active abilities
    • Increased cooldowns from 4 seconds to 6 seconds.
    • Abilities cast 2.5 times as fast
    • Increased the effects granted by 25-50%
  • Howl now lasts for 6 seconds.
  • Adjusted companion activatable ability scaling
    • Previous scalings were mostly bugged and have been removed.
    • Added attunement scaling of 2% mana efficiency per point.


  • The Waystation Complex has temporarily been made a side zone while issues are investigated. This means you can go directly to the Maj’Elkan Waystation from Titan’s Canyon.
  • All transitions updated to have better labels and be more consistent in ‘clickability’ and functionality.
  • You can no longer die while loading or time travelling.


  • Ward Trail now grants 20 ward on dodge (down from 40)


  • Improved the appearance of the chat UI.
  • Improved the fading and opening behavior of the chat. It no longer opens when clicked, for example.
  • When you show/hide ground items, it is now shown to you in chat.
  • The overlay map no longer closes when you open other windows.
  • The Enter Arena window no longer closes when you open another window.
  • Tutorial tooltips now auto close after 15 seconds.
  • Added spell crit chance to the character sheet.


  • Soul Geyser field now creates 3 delayed Soul Geysers rather than 4.
  • Soul Geysers deal 14% more damage.
  • The twinned and rampancy monster mods are now mutually exclusive as their interaction was buggy.
  • Improved the animation timings of several enemies to better line up with when damage occurs.
    • Abyssal Crawlers
    • Bloated Husks
    • Smoldering Lithracs
    • Umbral Crawlers
    • Void Cultist
    • Void Mauls
    • Weathered Statues
  • Rare Highland Bears now use avalanche (non-channelled variant with only one snowball) instead of glacier
  • Storm Remnants and Flame Remnants will prioritise attacking each other from a 25% higher range than before.


  • Further optimized the trails behind void enemies.
  • Greatly improved the base and aura effects for Fire Shield.
  • Improved skeleton archer effects.
  • Improved Soul Geyser visuals.
  • Improved the visuals of venom spit abilities.
  • Improved the shock ailment effect.
  • Improved the attack effects of Void-touched Spriggans.
  • Improved Volcanic Orb’s initial explosion on both fire and ice versions.
  • Improved Voidfused Earth’s ranged attack.
  • Improved the summon effects for Effigies of Ruin.
  • Improved the visuals for Swipe’s Spirit Wolves.
  • Updated the visuals for Weathered Statues and the boss at the end of The Courtyard.
  • Updated visuals on Jewelled Scuttlers and Blood Scorpions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where dying with an ailment or debuff would result in it becoming permanent until you left the game.
  • Fixed the stash in the Council Chambers being difficult to click on.
  • You can no longer re-enter the arena via a town portal.
  • If you open the monolith chest and exit the zone the chest will not reappear when you enter the zone until you complete another monolith timeline.
  • Fixed a bug where wearing The Fang would cause your Summon Wolf skill to be replaced by Wolf Howl on your bar if you had one fewer than your maximum number of wolves.
  • Fixed a bug where the ignite chance for the holy aura tree was not being applied properly
  • Fixed a bug where the number of skeletons you could summon after taking the Dread Phalanx node on the Summon Skeleton tree was calculated incorrectly often resulting in you having one less maximum skeleton than intended.
  • Fixed loading issues with the transfusion and mind warden nodes on the Mana Strike tree. This lead to points in one moving to the other on load.
  • Fixed a loading issue with some nodes in the Spellblade passives, which lead to points moving to different nodes on load.
  • Fixed the Woe node on the Void Knight tree not applying stats correctly
  • Fixed Hammer Throw’s aura dealing fire damage instead of void damage
  • Fixed Mark for Death’s Desecration tooltip not visually changing per point.
  • Fixed Decayed Skull granting 80% increased damage rather than 80% increased necrotic damage
  • Fixed a bug where the monolith completed panel would remain open if you left the monolith zone without clicking the open portal button
  • Fixed some issues where you would have to repeat parts of the encounter in the Lower District.
  • Fixed parts of the Sane Cultist’s quest being repeatable.
  • Fixed a bug where the game loaded a deleted solo character’s stash when you created a new solo character with the same name.
  • Fixed an oversight where the Ruined College’s area level was 5. It has been changed to 23.
  • Fixed the checkmarks for challenge modes being too far to the left.
  • Potentially fixed player health not showing up on Linux systems with AMD GPUs.
  • Fixed Dolus having a dialogue icon since he’s too wrapped up in his own stuff to talk to you, kind of rude I know, but he’s going through a lot right now.

Written by: Carizma

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