Last Epoch – Beta Patch Notes 0.7.1 – New Update Released

Last Epoch – Beta Patch Notes 0.7.1 – New Update Released

Last Epoch has received a new updates, we have the full patch notes 0.7.1.

Two new unique items will be added with the update, as well as new set of armor models. Of course, the patch also includes some bug fixes

The game Last Epoch is currently in the early access testing phase, so there will be frequent updates and it may cause connectivity issues. Last Epoch is available on Steam for $ 29.99.


Last Epoch Patch Notes 0.7.1

Monolith of Fate

  • Progress in the Monolith is now saved when you log out or switch characters, allowing you to continue a run at a later time.
  • Once you have conquered 10 timelines subsequent mod options become increasingly difficult with each timeline you conquer, causing the difficulty (and rewards) of the monolith to scale up infinitely.
  • Added two new zone layouts.
  • Added three new monolith modifiers.
  • There is now a reset monolith button that resets your number of timelines conquered to zero.
  • Increased monster density by about 10% in most zones.
  • Reduced distance between packs in The Serpentine Desert.
  • The crit chance mod adds 25% Critical Strike Chance to enemies (down from 30%)
  • The crit chance mod now gives more increased rarity and experience than before.


  • Two new unique items have been added.
  • Alchemist’s Ladle
    • This item is no longer dramatically more rare than other unique items.
    • Chance to apply ailments increased to 15% from 5%.
  • Bone Harvester
    • Doubled the base health of Skeleton Harvesters.
    • Skeleton Harvesters now scale with Intelligence and level.
  • Added The Claw unique brass amulet as a low level version of The Fang.
    • Existing The Fang amulets will change into The Claw.
  • The Fang
    • Now grants 60 health (up from 50).
    • Now grants minions +12 melee physical damage.
    • Now grants minions stun immunity.
    • Changed to the Bone Amulet base type (which requires level 56).
  • Prism Wraps.
    • Changed the leech effect from On Hit to On Crit.
  • Wing Guards
    • Adds 150 dodge rating (up from 120).
    • Now grants 5% chance to gain Haste for 1 second on hit.
    • No longer adds 40 health.
  • Yrun’s Wisdom
    • Now grants 65 health (down from 100).


  • Added a new set of armor models for the Acolyte and Primalist.
  • Added the Noble Sash base type (requires level 32).
  • The bronze Belt base type now requires level 44 (up from 35).
  • The Ranger’s Belt base type requires level 60 (up from 42).
  • Reworked amulet base types
  • Added 4 new amulet base types.
  • Adjusted amulet level requirements (highest is now 76).
  • Added new art for all amulet base types.
  • Silver Amulets now grant a larger amount of Increased Critical Strike Chance.
  • brass amulets now grant more lightning protection and also grant +% base spell damage.
  • Added new 2d art for some one-hand weapons.


  • The Health Regen and Elemental Protection 5 affix is now a pure health regeneration prefix, and grants a larger amount of health regeneration.
  • Increased the maximum value of the Minion Health Regen 3 prefix to 300% (from 150%).
  • Increased the Tier 4 and Tier 5 values of armour and protection suffixes.
    Dexterity shards are now more common.
  • Increased Throwing Attack Damage shards are now more common.
  • Both types of glancing blow shard are now rarer.
  • Set affix shards are now rarer.
  • Reduced the value of attribute affixes (e.g. Strength, Intelligence…)
    • Max value on body armour is now 12 (from 15)
    • Max value on amulets is now 10 (down from 12)
    • Max value on other items is now 8 (from 10)
  • Reduced the max health on the health + glancing blow prefix to 20 (from 25)
  • Reduced the max value of the increased health suffix to 15% (from 18%)
  • The Throwing Attack Damage and Mana Cost prefix now reduces mana cost by 3 (down from 4). Hammer Throw’s cost has decreased from 4 to 3, however.
  • Added some new loading screen hints for various mechanics.


  • Adjusted minion AI so that it is better at saying close to your character.
  • Unequipping The Fang or The Claw now unsummons extra wolves if you are above your maximum number of wolves without it.
  • Base health regeneration per second is now 6 + (0.14 per level), up from 6 + (0.08 per level).
    • Related affixes have also been buffed.
  • Potions now heal for a base of 50 + (2 per level) health, up from 50 + (1 per level).
  • Ward now decays at a base rate of 40% of current ward per second (from 20% per second).
  • Intelligence now grants 4% ward retention per point (down from 5%).


  • Rare Highland Bear
    • Avalanche
      • Now deals 11% less damage.
      • Now has a 19% increased delay,
      • Cooldown increased from 4 seconds to 5 seconds.


  • Aura of Decay
    • Now has a specialization tree.
  • Smite
    • Now has a specialization tree.
  • Bear Form
    • Ravage
      • Now has a minimum mana cost of 2.
      • Range no longer scales with weapon range.
      • The Stagger ailment that it inflicts no longer stacks.
      • Stagger now reduces armour by 100 (up from 30).
      • Stagger now increases damage taken by 10% (up from 3%).
    • Swipe
      • Now costs 3 mana by default (down from 5), but has a minimum mana cost of 2.
  • Black Hole
    • The Endless Maw node now grants 30% increased duration per point (from adding 1 second to duration per point)
    • The Scattered node requires 2 points in Endless Maw (up from 1)
  • Erasing Strike
    • Certain Erasure now grants +25% Critical Strike Multiplier per point (down from 40%).
  • Fire Shield
    • Now has a 20% chance to retaliate when hit, rather than retaliating whenever you take 30 damage. The previous scaling dates back to the pre-alpha, which was much shorter.
    • The retaliation spell is now referred to as Flame Bolt to help clarify that it doesn’t scale with your Fireball tree.
    • The node that used to reduce the retaliation threshold now adds 5% chance to retaliate when hit per point.
  • Frenzy Totem
    • Now grants 20% attack and cast speed by default (down from 23%)
    • Buff now has 1% increased effect per point of Attunement.
    • Buff no longer flickers to twice its value repeatedly in character sheet.
  • Hammer Throw
    • Hammer Throw now costs 3 mana (down from 4)
    • Added a new node that grants a limited stacking buff that increases damage and critical strike chance.
    • Added a new node that causes the stacking buff to also grant ignite chance.
    • Steadfast Path grants 35% chance to deal double damage (up from 30%)
    • Catapult now adds 3 to mana cost per point, instead of reducing damage by 20% per point.
    • Disintegrating Aura now adds 12 to mana cost (up from 10).
    • Swapped the effects of Ballista and Zealot’s Conviction. Now the cost reduction node is behind +projectiles, and the double damage chance node is behind spiral.
    • Zealot’s Conviction now grants 13% chance to deal double damage per point and can have 5 points allocated (from 10% chance per point and a max of 3 points).
    • Avatar of the Spire (hammer nova) now also adds 4 base physical damage.
    • Shattering force grants 20% chance to shred armour per point (up from 15%).
  • Harvest
    • Removed the Slow Decay node which granted ward retention on hit.
    • Added a new node that increases the ward gained by your minions.
    • Ghost Conduit no longer requires points in Mirror Soul.
    • Mirror Soul can now have a maximum of 1 point allocated (down from 4).
  • Sacrifice
    • Reduced mana cost to 25 from 30.
  • Spriggan Form
    • Vale Bolt
      • Renamed to Vale Blast to better reflect that it is not a projectile.
      • Now costs 3 mana by default (down from 5), but has a minimum mana cost of 2.
      • Now deals physical damage rather than lightning.
    • Summon Vines
      • Now costs 12 mana (down from 18).
      • Now summons 3 vines (down from 4).
      • Vines’ damage and health now scale with Attunement.
  • Summon Skeleton
    • Summoned skeleton archers deal 20% more damage.
    • Summoned skeleton mages deal 30% more damage.
    • Summoned skeleton warriors deal 40% more damage.
  • Teleport
    • Now has a base cooldown of 4 seconds (up from 3).
    • Ether barrier grants 7 ward per point (down from 8).
    • Out of Body now converts 3% of health to ward (down from the 4% previously shown on the tooltip and the 10% it was actually giving).
  • Transplant
    • Now has a base cooldown of 4 seconds (up from 3).
  • Thorn Totem
    • Venom Tipped Thorns now grants 20% poison chance per point and can have up to 5 points allocated (from 14.3% chance and up to 7 points).
    • Lasting Affliction now grants 15% poison duration per point (down from 17%) and requires 4 points in Venom Tipped Thorns (down from 5).


  • The bonuses on transformation granted by the Druid nodes Primal Shifter and Restoration now last for 10 seconds (up from 4).
  • Shaman
    • Added several new nodes.
    • The Conflux node now has a clearer description and requires 3 points in either of the nodes that proc the lightning it improves.
    • The Conflux node now increases the lightning’s damage by 20% per point (up from 15%) and can have 5 points allocated (up from 1).
    • Adjusted the positions and effects of many nodes.


  • Overkill damage no longer counts for leech. This means you can’t leech for more than the damage it took to kill an enemy.
  • Sources of Damage Leeched as Health have been made approximately half as powerful as they were before.
  • The Hybrid Health Leech 1 affix grants up to 40% increased health leech (down from 50%).
  • The Hybrid Health Leech 1 affix can no longer spawn on gloves, but can now spawn on rings and relics. It can still spawn on amulets.
  • The Melee Damage Leeched as Health 2 affix is now a prefix.


  • The fog of war on minimaps will no longer reset when your character leaves a zone.
    • Fog of war will not be saved inside the Monolith of Fate. This is primarily due to the fact that the Monolith of Fate will use procedural generation in future.
  • The locations of permanent minions are now shown on the minimap.
  • Unique items and set items now have icons on the minimap.
  • Replaced the item tooltip UI with a new design. This design shows an item’s 2d art, clearly displays the hotkeys, and allows you to see the tier & range of affixes on the item.
  • Items you pick up are now highlighted until moused-over.
  • Several miscellaneous improvements to the chat window.
  • Time travel transitions now fade to loading screens instead of just staying on black.


  • Updated vertical lightning effects for Storm Totem, Fury Leap and some other skills.
  • Updated lightning Blast’s effect.
  • Updated Rive’s effect.
  • Updated Warpath’s effect.

New Sounds

  • Ephemeral Stance
  • Erasing Strike
  • Fireball
  • Glacier
  • Hammer Throw
  • Juggernaut Stance
  • lightning Blast
  • Lunge
  • Manifest Weapon
  • Shield Rush
  • Snap Freeze
  • Teleport
  • Vengeance
  • Warpath


  • Adjusted the layout of the Shattered Valley and Welryn Outskirts.
  • Added a new sidequest to the Ruins of Welryn.
  • Added a training dummy to the End of Time.


  • Adjusted shadows, reflections and other graphical effects to improve performance while maintaining a quality standard.
  • Improved the performance of Poison and Ignite.
  • Improved the performance of effects that repeatedly apply in an area, such as Frenzy Totem.
  • Various miscellaneous improvements to calculations and reduced memory allocation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the resolution being incorrect at character select screen & when the client starts.
  • Fixed a bug where Blood Tethers from Oculorum Mortis enemies would persist after they were supposed to end.
  • Fixed Chimaera’s Essence Unique Amulet not dropping.
  • Fixed the Glancing Blow Chance and Health affix shard not dropping.
  • Added world map labels to zones that were missing them.
  • Fixed some item level requirements being lower than intended.
  • Fixed waypoint visuals applying to the Mage’s new armour.
  • Fixed a bug where Ragnar was showing up in Gladiator’s Rest.
  • Fixed the Sane Cultist not giving you a quest if you talked to them a second time, rather than accepting the first time.
  • Fixed a bug where taking any node that changed Black Hole’s cooldown would approximately halve the cooldown.
  • Fixed Elemental Nova’s Ascended Current granting half the increased shock effect it should.
  • Fixed the Spellblade’s Mind Flame scaling off of Attunement rather than Intelligence.
  • Fixed the Beastmaster’s Caustic Poisons granting added poison damage instead of increased.
  • Fixed some enemy and environment effects spamming log files.
  • Fixed a bug where you were immune during Reap’s movement
  • Fixed a bug where the Wraith Feast node on the Harvest Tree wasn’t working.
  • Fixed a bug where Storm Totem was not gaining stats from Attunement and levels.
  • Fixed a bug where in the Rip Blood tree the Marrow Drinker node overrode Arcane Fortress node.
  • Fixed many debuffs not affecting enemies correctly.
  • Fixed Avalanche having a one time cost instead of a channeled cost.
  • Fixed a bug where you could take a node that required 25 points without mastering in Shaman
  • Fixed a few later Shaman nodes requiring an incorrect number of mastery points.
  • Fixed the Forge Guard’s Lethal Strikes node giving 10% increased Critical Strike Multiplier instead of +10% Critical Strike Multiplier.
  • Fixed a bug where Rainbow Edge was giving 20% shock, ignite, and chill chance instead of 25%.
  • Fixed a bug where an armour affix or elemental affix could occasionally not change value when upgraded from Tier 3 to Tier 4.
  • Fixed the “increased armour and protections” stat not being reflected in the character sheet correctly.
  • Fixed on-hit flash effects persisting in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug where Teleport’s Stable Bubble was giving 4% increased ward retention, rather than 10% ward retention
  • Fixed a bug where leaving a zone while hovering over an enemy could cause the enemy’s information to get stuck on the main enemy health bar.
  • Fixed a bug where leech was not being randomised along with hit damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Stagger visuals persisted after it wore off.

Written by: Carizma

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