Marvel’s Midnight Suns new trailer shows Hunter’s abilities

Marvel’s Midnight Suns new trailer shows Hunter’s abilities

Firaxis Games released a new Marvel’s Midnight Suns gameplay trailer featuring The Hunter. The clip shows how to combine characters’ abilities.

Since The Hunter’s previous video focused on her emotional story, the developers revealed her skill cards. Power, Light, or Dark are options.

Each branch has 10 combat skill cards. Light and dark focus on healing and manipulation, while power buffs and debuffs. Each branch is legendary.

The first light branch ability shown was Quick Slash. It damages single enemies greatly. Wrath and anger boost critical chance. Wrath costs no cards and does more damage than fury. Patience harms, requiring more bravery. First part of teaser focuses on light branch, which summons Charlie for two rounds.

Charlie howls and bites. First, it names adversaries in a region, then it harms one. Light branch’s bladestorm helps start battles.

The development team also displayed helpful skill cards. Holy Burst heals all friends in range, and Holy Gift saves the next hero card. Upgradeable cards exist.

The Dark Hunter manipulates. Mindbender tricks opponents into attacking allies. Annihilation, the evil branch’s legendary power, destroys adjacent opponents. Use high-heroism cards with caution. It’s unclear how player decisions will effect the storyline from the gameplay trailer which can be viewed here:

Marvel’s Midnight Suns has been delayed but will shortly be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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