Medieval Dynasty Update – Hotfix Patch Notes on September 21

Medieval Dynasty Update – Hotfix Patch Notes on September 21

A second hotfix patch within 2 days. The developers want to fix all small bugs in the game as soon as possible, so Render Cube has now released a new update for Medieval Dynasty.

The Medieval Dynasty Update is now available for all PC players. The patch fixes some bugs in the game, including a bug with the Little Garden quest.


Medieval Dynasty Hotfix Patch Notes


  • Quest ‘Little Garden’ bugging the dialogue UI on acceptation is now fixed.
  • Food Storages are now in Field Technology and no longer retrieves points from Building Technology.
  • Improved the building placement. Building closer to the water is now possible.
  • Plant respawn blocked in field areas is fixed.
  • Corrected information about seed incompatibility with season.
  • Displaying names of interactive objects in inspector mode is now fixed.
  • Loading fields and their correct state from a savegame should now work properly.


  • The ability to destroy a field with a hammer in destruction mode has been added.


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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