Medieval Dynasty Update – Patch Notes on September 29

Medieval Dynasty Update – Patch Notes on September 29

Today, September 29th, Render Cube has a new update for Medieval Dynasty. We’ll show you all the bug fixes below.

The Medieval Dynasty Update is now available for download on Steam. The patch only contains bug fixes and balance adjustments.


Medieval Dynasty Hotfix Patch Notes


  • The blacksmith sounds should now fade away with distance.
  • Fixed the consummation of seeds in an unplowed field.
  • Fixed collision with the Bird Trap ghost.
  • Animal Overcrowding and Starving Hunter quests are fixed. Might not be fixed if quest was previously accepted.
  • Fixed building and furniture ghosts display [Name] in inspector mode.
  • “Wife’s sister living in the player’s house” bug. Is fixed now (She returns to her family home).
  • Talking to Sambor and other “speechless” NPCs should now work properly.
  • Fixed an issue changing any settings in graphics options applying new values to setting segments in next line.
  • Tools kept holstering/pulling out during crafting. This issue is fixed.
  • Unlocking the toolshed in Technology is fixed.
  • Torch holstering when crafting is fixed.
  • Fixed workbench tools not showing when switching recipes too quickly.
  • Pine branches gives extraction instead of survival now.
  • Items obtained during quests have the wrong durability. Those are now fixed, but only new items. Those are already in the player inventory are not.
  • Archery Contest quests no longer count arrows that do not hit targets. This is fixed.
  • If Alwin was removed from the game and fixed via patch, he would not have given his quest story. Alwin now will be available to share his quest with you.
  • Fur items require Leather as a resource – Fixed
  • The mouse cursor hides on cancelling key binds. This is fixed.
  • Some talk points don’t have a NPC name in the HUD/Journal – Fixed
  • Fixed the incorrect animation playing on the barn workbench table for the player.
  • Tree trunks can no longer removed with fists. Trunks told everyone about the Fight Club!


  • Added Field size information.

Updates and Balancing

  • The fisherman now requires survival skills.
  • Visibility range of chunks in the field in inspector mode is now decreased.
  • Increased Dynasty Reputation points gained from generic quests. On loading a savegame the actual season will laod with the old values. After the next season change the new values will kick in.
  • Lowered Manure cost.
  • Removed the survival crafting category from the Hunting Lodge.
  • Added the Archery crafting category for Workshop + added the Torch to wooden tools.
  • Quest markers are seen above village names.
  • Completing Uniegost’s part II will reset all taxes and debts of players.
  • Removing tree stumps with a shovel is work in progress. (Trees grow back after 2 years – Permanent removal under development).
  • Some Polish translation fixes.


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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  1. Ricardo September 29, 2020 | Reply

    Story line from alwin and unighost where failed becaise off update have save game from day 1

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