Medieval Dynasty Update is here – Patch Notes on November 5

Medieval Dynasty Update is here – Patch Notes on November 5

Toplitz Productions published the next update for Medieval Dynasty today. We’ll show you the new features and bug fixes on November 5th.

The Medieval Dynasty Update can now be downloaded for PC. With today’s patch there are new features and bug fixes


Medieval Dynasty Patch Notes


  • New indicator icons to show the speed and direction of changing inhabitants’ mood on the People List in the Management tab.
  • New crafting sounds – hand and at the table.
  • New sounds for sowing and manuring.
  • New sounds for the Loom.
  • New sounds for the Spinning Wheel.
  • New sounds for tailoring.
  • New sounds for the scissors.
  • New sounds for the sheep shearing.
  • New cooking animation for the Stove if craft time is short.



  • Delivering a quest item that is currently in the player’s hand does not disappear after returning it.
  • References to family members when one of the family member leaves the village.
  • Wrong Technology points reward for the “Woodcutter challenge” quest.
  • While cooking (at the Cauldron in Tavern III), the NPC pushes the player into the Stove.
  • NPCs cannot get married.
  • Incorrect warnings when placing a fence.
  • Resource Storage and Food Storage cannot be demolished.
  • Storage capacity limits are sometimes incorrect.
  • It was possible to place items in Resource and Food Storages beyond the limit.
  • Bug that allowed to have tools with infinite durability when switching them.
  • Tool switching behavior when selecting the same quick slot.
  • Tool switching behavior when switching between different tools.
  • Spinning Wheel animation is not working.
  • Crafting interaction with Grates where animation is not working properly.
  • Spears are not equipping automatically after throwing them.
  • Information “Press “R” to craft more” does not refresh after changing key binds and is not relevant for gamepad.
  • Outline in quest item to be delivered to NPC is displayed in quest tracker.
  • Spacing in various quests.
  • Name of animal to hunt is not translated if there is only 1 type of animal to hunt.
  • Quern sounds are starting when the player finished crafting.
  • Various interaction fixes.



  • The speed of increasing the mood now depends on the number of positive factors.
  • French language.
  • Fence placement has been improved.
  • Unreal Engine version has been updated.
  • Hidden timer for time sensitive quests due to timer being temporary disabled.
  • The hit window when attacking with spears is now larger.
  • Flour crafting time reduced to 1 second.


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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