Medieval Dynasty Update Rolled Out – PUBLIC STAGING

Medieval Dynasty Update Rolled Out – PUBLIC STAGING

Toplitz Productions published a new PUBLIC STAGING update for Medieval Dynasty today. We’ll show you the new content and bug fixes on October 5.

The Medieval Dynasty Update can now be downloaded for PC. With today’s patch there a some updates and bug fixes


Medieval Dynasty Patch Notes | PUBLIC STAGING

How to join the public staging?

Some of you probably have not done this before, so we have a small guide:


You must have Medieval Dynasty in your library – obviously.

The procedure

  • Open your game library.
  • Right Click on Medieval Dynasty there.


  • Open properties.


  • Select the tab “BETAS”.*
  • Enter this password below the dropdown in the field:



  • Press CHECK CODE
  • Use the drop down and select “release_build_staging”. This is the public stage.
  • Press Close


Steam should now download this version of the game.


Just in case something goes awry!

Saves can be found here:

AppData > Local > Medieval_Dynasty > Saved > SaveGames

*Steam labels all those builds as “betas” albeit they’re not betas, so do not be too confused!



  • Razer chroma system.
  • Randomization of the number of items in random locations on the map
  • Over 30 new random places generated on the map
  • Quest tracker now also always tracks current chapter in addition to tracked quest
  • Tutorial pop up video about chapters displayed after completing first chapter
  • Shadows can now be turned off
  • Brightness slider in graphics settings
  • New dialogues sounds for children and toddlers (4 new voice color): Farawell, First time greeting, greeting
  • New dialogues sounds for adult and old NPC (14 new voice color): Vendors



  • Blood not spawning correctly from fleeing and bleeding animals
  • Villagers don’t light campfires
  • Cases where there was no castellan after loading the game and Uniegost returned after skipping season
  • Cases where Alwin is in wrong place and has wrong tasks in shooting contest
  • Cases where new castellan is named Uniegost
  • Sometimes there is no apparent reason why a building can’t be placed
  • Some animals make the sound of wood when the player hits them, now it’s the sound of meat
  • Warm-blooded achievement is not working properly on save
  • Builder’s Hut is not visible in Technology tab
  • On the player’s death, the game is not paused which may lead to timed autosave during death screen
  • Timer is displayed in Alwin’s story II
  • Alwin’s story VIII – if the player fails bear’s hunt, then the talk goal is limited by time
  • Saving issue making the player unable to save game within the same session if the player removed current save game and then started a new game
  • Bandit ragdoll when loading while they are dead and far from player
  • Fish space program defunded – fish hit by spears should be less likely to fly away
  • Iron bar gives Building Technology instead of Crafting Technology
  • Animals sometimes take up feed too slowly
  • Fall damage when mounted starts combat for the player
  • Possibility to interact with campfires, beds while on horse
  • Possibility to interact with objects while dismounting
  • Player stays on horse when dying and switching to heir
  • NPCs create empty wine bottle whenever they make wine from juice
  • Possibility for player to get stuck in falling animation when interacting with horse
  • Not being able to produce poisoned bolts
  • The recipe for “Wooden Table” is placing a “Log Table” instead
  • Not being able to ask Raimund about wild animals
  • Washing interaction is no longer quicker when holding a hammer



  • Rendering optimizations
  • Optimization of some systems
  • Quest to pay the taxes is now marked as Challenge instead of Chapter
  • House (the biggest one) now requires 1500 technology instead of 7500
  • If the player has a black screen instead of cutscene, the cutscene will turn off when the audio finishes
  • A chapter objective to build a Barn is now moved to the next chapter so that the player has free building slots
  • Player responses in dialogue are now with scroll bar
  • Cutscenes are now skippable after 2 seconds
  • Current torch is not burning out during dialogue
  • Wild animals will roam more when not in fleeing state
  • Adjusted head collisions for various animals
  • Body collisions for deer
  • Player can throw spears in the water again but cannot use bow while in deep water
  • Bandits’ ragdoll optimization
  • Blend time for blocking animations
  • Farm Development Stage building limit increased
  • Improved shadow quality on low settings
  • Wooden vials price lowered
  • Lowered reputation requirements for hiring villagers
  • Jumping now interrupts interaction timer
  • Hungarian returned to game
  • German updated
  • Dutch updated
  • Polish updated
  • Korean updated


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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