Minecraft Nether Update 2.07 – Patch Notes 1.16

Minecraft Nether Update 2.07 – Patch Notes 1.16

It’s been a few months since Minecraft got its last major patch. But it was worth the wait, because the major patch 1.16 “Nether Update” will go live today. We’ll tell you what’s in the new Minecraft update and why the game with the blocks is now worth a look for every fan. Below you will find all the details of this update on June 23rd.

Minecraft Nether Update 2.07 can now be downloaded for all platforms. You have to download and install a total of 435 MB, at least on the PS4. The size of the download may vary depending on the platform.


Minecraft Nether Patch Notes 2.07 / 1.16



Allow and Deny
  • Re-added and can be obtained only by using the /give command.
Ancient Debris
  • Can be found throughout the Nether at any altitude, though it is much more common at lower levels.
  • Can be refined into a netherite scrap by smelting in a furnace or blast furnace.
  • Same blast resistance as obsidian, but is movable with pistons.
  • Inventory item floats on lava.
  • Cannot burn in lava or fire.
  • A diamond pickaxe or better is required to mine it.
  • Always spawns covered by lava and/or blocks on all sides.
  • Naturally generates in basalt deltas and bastion remnants.
  • Generates in all Nether biomes except basalt deltas below lava level.
  • Can be used to craft stone toolsfurnacesslabsstairs, and walls.
Block of Netherite
  • Re-added and can be obtained only by using the /give command.
Chiseled Nether Bricks
  • New variant of Nether bricks.
  • Crafted from 2 Nether brick slabs.
Cracked Nether Bricks
  • New variant of Nether bricks.
  • Obtained by smelting Nether bricks in a furnace.
Crimson and Warped Fungus
Crimson and Warped Nylium
Crimson and Warped Planks
Crimson and Warped Roots
Crimson and Warped Stems
  • Blocks that comprise the trunks of huge fungi.
  • Have animated textures.
  • Has a top texture similar to regular log blocks.
  • Can be placed directionally, similarly to logs.
  • Does not burn.
  • Have respective strippedwooded, and stripped wooded variants. The wood and striped wood variants are called “Hyphae” and “Stripped Hyphae” respectively.
Crying Obsidian
  • Used to craft respawn anchors.
  • Generates in Ruined Portals.
  • Obtainable through bartering.
  • Can be found in ruined portals and bastion remnant chests.
  • Emits purple particles, resembling tears.
  • Has the same blast resistance as obsidian.
Gilded Blackstone
  • A variant of stems with the bark on all 6 sides.
  • Also has a stripped variant.
Nether Gold Ore
  • A variant of gold ore found in the Nether.
  • Drops 2–6 gold nuggets when mined.
    • This is affected by Fortune the same way other ores are, for a maximum possible drop of 24 golden nuggets with Fortune III.
    • Nether gold ore, obtained with Silk Touch, can still be smelted into a single gold ingot.
  • Can be mined with any pickaxe.
  • Also drops experience orbs.
Nether Sprouts
  • Blue foliage that generates in warped forests.
  • Resembles grass from the Overworld.
  • Can be used in composters.
Polished Basalt
  • Can be crafted with 4 basalt.
  • Directional and purely decorative, like normal basalt.
Polished Blackstone
Polished Blackstone Bricks
Quartz Bricks
  • Crafted from four blocks of quartz.
  • Used as a decorative block.
Respawn Anchor
  • Crafted with 6 crying obsidian and three glowstone.
  • Requires a diamond pickaxe or higher to mine.
  • Can be used to respawn in the Nether
  • It is charged with glowstone and can be charged up to four levels. Whenever someone who charged the respawn anchor dies, they respawn near it and the level goes down by 1.
  • Emits a slight amount of light, which gets stronger for each charge added.
  • Can be charged with a dispenser.
  • When it is not charged, it does not do anything.
  • Like how a bed explodes in the Nether, attempting to use a respawn anchor in the Overworld or the End causes it to explode.
  • Emits a light level of 15, similarly to glowstone.
  • Can be mined with any tool, but axes and hoes are the most effective.
  • Generate as a part of huge fungi.
Soul Campfire
  • Soul variant of the normal campfire.
  • Has a blue flame instead of orange.
  • Gives off a light level of 10.
  • Crafted with soul sand or soul soil instead of coal.
  • Piglins are repelled by soul campfires.
Soul Fire
  • Blue variant of fire.
  • Fire lit on soul soil turns into soul fire regardless of dimension.
  • Generates naturally in the soul sand valley biome in the Nether.
  • Deals damage at a rate of 2♥ per second as opposed to the 1♥ per second of regular fire.
  • Does not extinguish when in the rain.
Soul Lantern
  • Gives off a light level of 10.
  • Crafted similarly to a normal lantern, using a soul torch instead of a normal torch.
  • Have an animated texture.
Soul Torch
  • Gives off a light level of 10.
  • Crafted similarly to a normal torch, with soul soil or soul sand being placed under the stick.
Soul Soil
  • Redstone component that can be activated by shooting projectiles into it.
    • Signal is stronger depending on how close the projectile is to the center of the block. The signal strength goes up to 15.
  • Can be crafted using a hay block and 4 redstone dust pieces.
Twisting Vines
  • Generates in the warped forest.
  • Grows upward, like kelp.
  • Can be climbed, like other vines.
  • Growth can be accelerated with bone meal.
  • Can be used in composters.
Warped Wart Block
  • A variation of the nether wart block, but cannot be crafted.
  • Generates as a part of huge warped fungi. Sometimes generates in the ground replacing the warped nylium in the warped forest biome.
  • Can be used in composters.
Weeping Vines
  • Generates in the crimson forest.
  • Grows downward.
  • Can be climbed, like other vines.
  • Growth can be accelerated with bone meal.
  • Can be used in composters.


Potion of Slowness IV
Splash Potion of Slowness IV
  • Can be brewed by adding glowstone dust to a regular splash potion of slowness.
Lingering Potion of Slowness IV
  • Can be brewed by adding glowstone dust to a regular lingering potion of slowness.
Arrow of Slowness IV
  • Can be crafted by tipping an arrow in a cauldron filled with a potion of slowness IV, or with eight arrows and one lingering potion of slowness IV.
Banner Patterns
  • Added a new pattern for banners: the Snout.
  • Used in the loom to apply the Snout pattern to the banner.
  • Obtained in bastion remnant chests.
Music Discs
  • Added a new music disc known as “Pigstep”
    • Composed by Lena Raine.
    • Can only be found in bastion remnant chests unlike other music discs.
Netherite Armor
  • Upgraded using a smithing table with a netherite ingot and the respective diamond item.
  • Does not burn in lava, as a dropped item or when worn (players equipping netherite armor, however, can still take burning damage).
  • Floats in lava.
  • Tougher than diamond armor.
  • Has higher durability and enchantability than diamond armor.
Netherite AxeHoePickaxeShovel, and Sword
  • Upgraded using a smithing table with a netherite ingot and the respective diamond item.
  • Does not burn in lava.
  • Floats in lava.
  • Has higher durability, mining level, breaking multiplier, and enchantability than diamond.
  • All items, except the hoe, deal 1 more damage than their diamond counterparts.
Netherite Ingot
Netherite Scrap
Spawn Eggs
Warped Fungus on a Stick


  • Spawn in crimson forests and nether wastes biomes.
  • Also spawn in Bastion Remnants.
  • Randomly spawns with golden sword or crossbow.
  • Adults are hostile; babies are passive.
    • Do not attack players wearing at least one piece of golden armor.
    • Adult piglins turn aggressive when a player is mining blocks of gold, hitting a piglin, or opening/breaking chests, barrels, trapped chests, or shulker boxes, even if they are wearing gold armor.
  • The player can barter with them by right-clicking with golden ingots, which makes them drop at least one item or block.
  • Attack adult hoglins.
    • Baby piglins do not attack and adult piglins do not attack baby hoglins.
  • Baby piglins ride on the back of baby hoglins.
  • Adults attack wither skeletons.
  • Avoid soul fire, soul fire torches, soul fire lanterns, nether portals, zoglins, and zombified piglins.
  • Can spawn with golden armor.[2]
  • Convert to a zombified piglin when in the Overworld.
    • Have an IsImmuneToZombification data value that prevents them from zombifying in the Overworld.
  • passive mob that spawns in the Nether on lava oceans.
  • Drops 2–5 string.
  • Can be saddled and controlled with warped fungus on a stick.
  • Moves in and out of lava
    • Shivers and turns blueish-purple when out of lava.
    • Moves significantly slower out of lava.
  • Is damaged by water and rain.
  • Has a baby variant.
  • Can be bred with warped fungi.
  • Adults can spawn with baby striders riding them.
  • Can spawn with zombified piglins or baby striders riding them.
    • If they spawn with a zombified piglin, they will also have a saddle equipped.
  • A zombified variant of the hoglin.
  • Created when a hoglin is brought into the Overworld after 15 seconds.
    • Have an IsImmuneToZombification data value that prevents them from zombifying in the Overworld.
  • Attack most mobs on sight, except creepers and other zoglins.
  • Drop rotten flesh.
  • Have an adult and baby variant.
  • Unlike hoglins, they cannot be bred or fed, and they do not flee from warped fungi.

World generation

  • Nether Fossil
    • Structures found in soul sand valley.
      • These fossils are different bone block structure from the overworld counterpart.
  • Ruined Portal
    • Shattered remains of nether portals.
    • Structures found in the Overworld and the Nether.
    • A loot chest can be found beside the portal.
    • Can be found at surface, underground, and in oceans or lava seas.


  • The player can toggle the emote menu with B, or D-Pad left on Xbox One controllers, or Left button/D-Pad left on Nintendo Switch controllers, or D-Pad left on PlayStation 4 controllers, or Emote button.png by default.
  • Added “Over There!”, “Simple Clap”, and “Wave” emotes.

Command format

  • Added /kick
    • Used to kick players from a world.


  • Added “Text Background Opacity” setting that can be altered to change item tooltip backgrounds.
  • Added cave and nether ambient sounds.
    • Cave sounds play in the overworld, more commonly in caves.
    • Nether sounds play in the Nether, with each nether biome having its own sounds.
  • Added 6 new soundtracks: 3 for the Nether, composed by Lena Raine, and 3 for the ocean, composed by C418:
  • Added the following splash text:
    • “Honey, I grew the bees”
    • “Find your claw!”
    • “Everybody do the Leif!”
    • “<3 Max & 99 & Ducky”
    • “Bushy eyebrows”
    • “Edit is a name”
    • “From free range developers”



  • The beam color can now be mixed with several different stained glass colors.
  • Can now be activated with netherite blocks and can now be fed netherite ingots.
Bee Nest
  • Now generate naturally in regular forest, wooded hills, and birch forest biomes variants.
  • Crafting them no longer requires a fully repaired bow.
Flower Pots
  • Potted plants can now be removed from the pot by tapping/clicking on it.
Fence GatesPumpkins, and Jack o’Lanterns
  • Can now be placed without supporting blocks underneath.
Honey BlockHoneycomb BlockNetherrackNether BrickNether Quartz OreBone BlockNether Wart and Nether Wart Block and Soul Sand
  • Added new sounds.
Iron Bars
Jigsaw Block
  • Changed texture.
  • Now has functionality and can be obtained by /give command.
  • Variants of brown and red now have been renamed to “Brown Mushroom” and “Red Mushroom” respectively.
Mushroom Blocks
  • Variants of brown, red and stem now have been renamed to “Brown Mushroom Block”, “Red Mushroom Block”, “Mushroom Stem” respectively.
    • Variant of pores is still named “Mushroom”.
  • No longer emit a redstone signal when placed.
  • Oak and birch saplings that are grown within 2 blocks of a flower on the same Y-level have a 5% chance to have a bee nest.
Smithing Tables
  • Now has functionality and used to upgrade diamond tools to netherite.
Structure Blocks
  • Added detect button for save mode.
  • Functionality no longer only available behind experimental gameplay
Shulker Boxes
  • Can now be undyed in a cauldron.
  • Walls no longer have gaps when stacked vertically.
  • Now connects to the bottom and sides of glass panes and iron bars.


  • Dropped items now transform into a 3D model and start spinning.
Bone Meal
Zombie Pigman Spawn Eggs
  • Renamed to Zombified Piglin spawn egg.


  • Mobs now can pick up armor and items
Iron Golems
  • Increased spawn rates.
Magma cubes
  • Dialog and changeable skins have been readded.
Passive mobs
  • Llamas, horses, turtles, polar bears, and rabbits can now spawn only on specific blocks, such as grass blocks. (MCPE-47596)
  • Now semi-puff when a player approaches before they fully puff when a player is close.
  • Improved spawn rates.
  • Cured zombie villagers now offer trading discount. (MCPE-47040)
  • Can now be summoned using soul soil in the base.
Wither Skeletons
Zombie Pigmen

World generation

The Nether
  • The old “Nether” biome is now called “Nether Wastes”.
  • Large spruce trees now transform nearby grass blocks into podzol when they grow.
  • Rearranged the distribution of underground ore and stone clusters.
  • Blackstone and gravel patch now generate in small patch under lava sea layer in all nether biomes.
  • Soul sand now generate in small patch under lava sea layer in soul sand valley.


Character creator
  • Now deal damage in water.
Map making and add-ons
  • Most attack goals are now data-driven.
    • Added new documentation for new behavior fields.
  • Most Slime and Swim goals are now data-driven.
    • Added new documentation for new behavior fields.
  • Tree generation is now data-driven.
  • Wither skull attacks are now data-driven.
  • Item sprites are now data-driven.
  • Drowned mobs are now data-driven.
  • Changed the explosion particles of the eye of ender to match Java Edition.
  • Changed the particle color of Bad Omen from tan to dark green to match Java Edition.
Server list
  • UI has been updated.
  • Added a new server called “Galaxite”.[verify]


Knockback resistance
  • Is now a scale of the amount of knockback taken instead of a probability to take no knockback.
  • Changed Villager and wandering trader trades value to closely match Java Edition (MCPE-47141).

Command format

  • Can now be used in the Nether.


  • Game no longer crashes when the /kill command is used while the dragon is respawning.
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking ‘Read More’ on certain resource pack screens.
  • Fixed an issue with invisible shulker boxes that could cause a crash when trying to open or break them. (MCPE-55894)
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when dispensing bone meal into a grass block. (MCPE-53033)
  • Fixed a crash caused by fire spreading to beehives.
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when traveling toward -z coordinates.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when adjusting certain JSON strings in behavior packs.
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur after resuming the game on Xbox One.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using the character creator.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen if a slime targeted something and lost sight of it.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to enchant fishing rods.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when creating a new world on iOS.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting a world with particles present.
  • Fixed several crash issues related to the player entering water.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when a mob’s state changed.
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur in split-screen when the host saves and quits the game.
  • Fixed stability issues when using some custom character creator skins.
  • Fixed a crash related to exploding beds in the nether.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when typing a character into chat that we don’t have a font sheet for.
  • Fixed a crash at launch on Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2
  • Fixed some crashes that occurred when changing dimensions, including going through portals with tamed animals (MCPE-346330).
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur when attempting to sign into Xbox Live / Microsoft account. (MCPE-20548MCPE-64245)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to sign in when offline. (MCPE-29021)
  • Optimized keyframe animation playback.
  • Optimized performance when breaking lots of kelp plants.
  • Improved performance related to maps in item frames. (REALMS-1532)
  • Corrected fishing rod’s bobber movement.
  • Large quantities of snow no longer suddenly generates in chunks.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from being teleported to a nearby chunk that the game thought was too far away.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing chunks from loading incorrectly when traveling between dimensions. (MCPE-63268)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented strongholds from generating with libraries and portal rooms. (MCPE-63713)
  • Ocean monuments once again generate with the correct interior structures. (MCPE-63523)
  • Marketplace ratings now appear correctly when scrolling. (MCPE-60287)
  • Light propagation now works correctly, fixing hostile mob spawning. (MCPE-49616)
  • Chunks should no longer fail to load properly in +250MB worlds. (MCPE-58514)
  • Fixed a bug with light persisting after a block change.
  • Ticking areas can no longer be removed on the same tick they are created (MCPE-36769).
  • Lighting now propagates correctly through chunk/subchunk borders (MCPE-58182).
  • Fixed an issue that could cause areas to show lighting errors on servers.
  • Added new overload for /replaceitem with an option for destroy (the old behavior) or keep (the command will return an error if an item occupies that slot).
  • The smooth camera option (from full keyboard gameplay) is no longer jittery, and is smooth again (MCPE-54969).
  • The screen no longer twitches when the player dies in the Nether or End.
  • Dedicated server documentation fixes (BDS-1084BDS-2341BDS-3141BDS-3051BDS-1085)
  • Fixed issue where imported world templates (.mctemplate) were not visible on Gear VR.
  • Fixed an issue related to chunks not loading correctly in Realms. (REALMS-2037)
  • Fixed skin texturing issue on “Alex” model.
  • Light propagation now works correctly, fixing hostile mob spawning (MCPE-49616).
  • Typing in the inventory Search field no longer creates lag (MCPE-64584).
  • The smooth camera option (from full keyboard gameplay) is no longer jittery, and is smooth again (MCPE-54969).
  • Fixed an issue with the Marketplace not always loading in correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with notifications not showing in iOS.
  • The hay blocks in the town center in the Abandoned Village seed are now generated correctly.
  • The screen reader now only reads the generating world message once when converting worlds to Bedrock
  • Ender Dragon’s fireball lingering particles are no longer invisible
  • Activator rails now dismount players and other mobs at the correct position (MCPE-30744).
  • The Wither’s spawning explosion no longer breaks obsidian (MCPE-59502).
  • Obfuscated text color code works on signs placed in the world (MCPE-33780).
  • Bamboo has been changed to be unpathable by mobs to prevent them getting stuck (MCPE-46805).
  • Target block redstone signal duration is based on projectile type – Long for trident and arrows, short for other projectiles (MCPE-65413).
  • Armor stands no longer shift and fall through blocks when a world is reloaded (MCPE-29170).
  • Fixed ping latency clarity for users.
  • Adjusted hopper hitbox shape (MCPE-47541).
  • Set the default chat font to Mojangles (MCPE-45857).
  • Knockback resistance is now a scale instead of a probability.
  • Entities now get pushed by flowing lava.
  • Minecart hoppers now drop a hopper item when being destroyed by a ranged attack. (MCPE-55859)
  • Placing a block against an interactive block while crouched no longer opens the UI.
  • Interacting with a minecart hopper now opens the hopper screen and no longer blocks other screens from opening.
  • Fixed Armor Stand and its contents dropping as items when broken when ‘Tile Drops’ rule is false.
  • Flying Players are able to return to the overworld if an end portal is on their spawn point.
  • Enchanted bows are no longer consumed when auto-crafting dispensers.
  • Players can no longer breathe underwater when swimming under blocks with a Turtle Shell equipped. (MCPE-35769)
  • TNT no longer drops as an item when exploded. (MCPE-38101)
  • /locate now correctly displays the nearest structure. (MCPE-45526)
  • Players no longer teleport through partial blocks when relogging. (MCPE-46858)
  • Tools now make noise when they break. (MCPE-32355)
  • State of Creative flying now remains after accessing world setting.
  • Players no longer “swim” through the air after swimming in a bubble column. (MCPE-48958)
  • Corals and Coral Fans now drop when mined with Axe or Shovel enchanted with Silk Touch.
  • Magma blocks now melt top snow sitting on it.
  • Mobs killed by lingering potions now drop XP and uncommon loot when the potion came from a player.
  • Shulker boxes can now be undyed in a cauldron.
  • Boats can now move and don’t get stuck when on top of all partial block. (MCPE-34580)
  • Boats no longer continue sliding on bottom half slab.
  • Fire charges are now consumed when used to light campfires. (MCPE-46217)
  • Player is no longer displaced into solid blocks on respawn by non-solid blocks resulting in x-ray vision. (MCPE-53460)
  • Kelp no longer stops growing at too low of a height. (MCPE-57330)
  • Enchantment tables no longer display options with no attached enchant.
  • Added the missing text for locked maps in the cartography table. (MCPE-58527)
  • Players can transition from swimming to running on land more smoothly now.
  • Casting a fishing rod whilst running no longer slows the player down. (MCPE-56199)
  • The ‘Sound the Alarm’ achievement is now triggered only by hostile mobs and not players.
  • The player’s hitbox is now correctly reset when unequipping elytra mid-flight.
  • The correct amount of berries can now consistently be collected from sweet berry bushes. (MCPE-47160)
  • Using shift/sneak now allows the player to move downward correctly when swimming.
  • Fixed the respawn location so that players no longer wake up with their head in a block after sleeping.
  • The raid bar now appears correctly when returning to an active raid from another dimension.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent Redstone power from passing through barrels after reloading a world. (MCPE-46742)
  • Falling blocks (such as sand) no longer break when falling onto retracted pistons. (MCPE-20109)
  • TNT no longer drops as an item when exploded.
  • Fixed trapdoor collision shape. (MCPE-13451)
  • Prevented elytra gliding rotations on the player when in the first-person view. (MCPE-53092)
  • Explosions can now deal damage within water.
  • Flying with elytra at high speeds no longer causes a sound to become jittery. (MCPE-19945MCPE-52931)
  • Mobs are now damaged and items are destroyed when on top of cactus blocks. (MCPE-14303)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented repeating and chain command blocks from being opened. (MCPE-63089)
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a ‘phantom’ water block to appear when placing water on a fire near a sponge block. (MCPE-57063)
  • Fixed an issue where water from bubble columns could not be collected. (MCPE-37571)
  • Stacked mine carts that occupy the same space now load and unload as expected. (MCPE-54244)
  • Walking on scaffolding now makes correct sounds. (MCPE-53279)
  • Players no longer be teleported underneath the main island when using an end gateway. (MCPE-63284)
  • Fixed an issue that meant pillager patrols could spawn in unexpected places. (MCPE-58285)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented inventories from being opened after riding a mount. (MCPE-63196)
  • Blocks now lose their waterlogged state when pushed by a piston.
  • Kelp now continues growing after being partially broken by a piston, and the piece below have a maximum random age of 24. (MCPE-57330)
  • Blue wither skulls once again break obsidian. (MCPE-63223)
  • Ender dragon fireball attacks no longer cause excessive damage. (MCPE-40344)
  • Hopper minecarts now drop hoppers and minecarts when broken with a ranged weapon. (MCPE-55859)
  • Multiple honey blocks can be crafted in the 2×2 crafting grid. (MCPE-63081)
  • Crafting multiple honey blocks returns the correct amount of items to the player. (MCPE-63461MCPE-58579)
  • Water can now be collected from bubble columns (MCPE-37571)
  • Casting a fishing rod will no longer attach itself to a parrot mounted on the player’s shoulder (MCPE-60361).
  • Fully grown sweet berry bushes can now be harvested when holding bone meal (MCPE-54206).
  • Parity: Carrot on a stick, shield, and shovel now lose durability consistently in Bedrock.
  • Fire charges are now consumed after lighting a tnt block (MCPE-42938).
  • Player icons no longer appear as white square on locator maps.
  • Fixed an issue with villager goals which prevented them from working.
  • Add translation to other languages with vocabulary different with Java
  • Newly-created maps now start with the correct zoom level. (MCPE-63416)
  • Fixed an issue where maps from converted ‘Editions’ worlds were at the wrong scale. (MCPE-58796)
  • Fixed shearing a sheep not updating its texture to sheared sheep model. (MCPE-63188)
  • Fixed an issue with some enchantments not working correctly. (MCPE-63124)
  • Fixed an issue with music disc names not showing in the correct language.
  • Fixed an issue with player experience being lost when reloading a world.
  • Minecarts no longer collide with other minecarts on parallel tracks (MCPE-59302).
  • Falling top snow can no longer break solid blocks (MCPE-63214).
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed villagers and players to respawn inside blocks when getting out of bed (MCPE-46064).
  • The XP cost is now readable in the anvil UI screen (MCPE-51908).
  • Bamboo can now be placed on top of bamboo saplings without Experimental Gameplay being enabled (MCPE-50088).
  • Shields can now be dispensed and equipped to players.
  • Pumpkins and melons will now grow when underneath observers (MCPE-48717).
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the ender dragon to reset after leaving and returning to fight area (MCPE-51501).
  • Fixed an issue with too many cats spawning in villages (MCPE-60331).
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Villagers to not link up to job sites correctly in multiplayer worlds (MCPE-49580).
  • Fixed an issue that could cause overlapping Villages to be repeatedly created and destroyed
  • Parity: Water now freezes from the edges, matching the Java Edition
  • Flying too fast with elytra into an unloaded chunk will no longer cause death by kinetic energy (MCPE-55671).
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Redstone torches to get stuck on or off when reloading a world (MCPE-48054).
  • XP orbs shoot in random directions once again (MCPE-58715).
  • Using Quartz Block in a stonecutter now produces Quartz Slabs instead of Smooth Quartz slabs (MCPE-57925).
  • Fire on half-slabs is now visible. (MCPE-44395)
  • Changed Eye of Ender explode particles to match Java.
  • Stopped offhand shield animation and bow animation from playing at the same time. (MCPE-41262)
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the cubemap from rendering correctly on Xbox One consoles.
  • Items held by baby foxes now render correctly. (MCPE-52885)
  • Stained glass now has the correct colors on maps. (MCPE-25702)
  • Enchanted elytra now show the enchanted glow when equipped. (MCPE-23020)
  • Lingering and splash potion particles now stay within their boundaries when in a confined space.
  • Cakes now have the correct texture states when partially eaten. (MCPE-14757)
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the armor to unexpectedly render on mobs when being held in its hand.
  • Experience orbs have been data-driven.
  • Fireballs have been data-driven.
  • NPC geometry and animations have been data-driven.
  • Items no longer flash green when being removed from a furnace.
  • Fixed a bug where glass and water could be drawn incorrectly when close to each other.
  • Fixed the custom glint texture issue when added to compasses.
  • Fixed rendering issues for sign text through other transparent objects such as glass. (MCPE-55327)
  • Fixed maps in item frames flashing purple and black image before the map loads.
  • Animation scale now uses linear interpolation between keyframes.
  • Fixed mobs in mob spawners not being visible. (MCPE-56879)
  • Items held by mobs should now render correctly
  • Mobs now pickup items and equip armor. (MCPE-14211)
  • Tamed horses can no longer be tempted by food that cannot be used to breed them.
  • Some mobs had a large delay for finding their nearest attackable target (Wolves attacking sheep).
  • Endermen can now pick up some of the new Nether blocks.
  • Endermen no longer pick up Netherrack.
  • Squid now spawn more frequently. Ocean cap is now 4 and river cap is now 2. (MCPE-39758)
  • Iron golems now ensure they can reach a target before choosing to attack it. (MCPE-42402)
  • Jumping animation is no longer broken for horses.
  • Polar Bear no longer chases player on its two back legs.
  • Sheep no longer eat grass through partial blocks.
  • Fixed issue where Enderman would not attack the player when looked at.
  • Mobs no longer start shaking when entering minecarts.
  • Fish no longer spawn in flowing water.
  • Despawn rules have been changed to closely match Java despawn rules (MCPE-21856)
    • This change allows mobs to more consistently spawn around the player and improve the frequency of mobs spawning underground while the player is exploring caves, as well as trying to farm areas that spawn specific mobs (e.g. wither skeletons, in nether fortresses).
    • Any mobs that have been set to persist (tempted, name-tagged, tamed, bred, etc.) never naturally despawn.
    • Almost all naturally spawning mobs automatically despawn when they are 54 blocks or further away from the nearest players.
    • Fish automatically despawn at a max range of 40 blocks or further.
    • If mobs are between 32 and 54 blocks from the nearest player, they must not take damage for 30 seconds as well as successfully roll a 1 in 800 chance to despawn
  • Increased iron golem spawn rate and modified spawn rules. (MCPE-47157)
  • Fixed the jumping animation of tamed horses.
  • Fixed blaze path-finding and navigation. (MCPE-45469)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed ghasts to exist when the difficulty was set to Peaceful. (MCPE-53383)
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing pillager captains from being hostile. (MCPE-44987)
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing fish to spawn in flowing water above ice blocks.
  • Wolves now spawn in more biomes. (MCPE-49792)
  • Small mobs no longer get trapped in gaps created by stair blocks.
  • Villagers no longer run around inside their houses when being raided.
  • Mobs no longer start shaking when entering minecarts.
  • Guardians and elder guardians no longer float in the air as they try and reach the water. (MCPE-33641)
  • Tweaked squid spawn rate and cap.
  • Drowned can no longer drop tridents without having them equipped. (MCPE-32731)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented cats from sleeping on a bed with the player
  • Snow golems can now try and shoot snowballs at mobs when it is behind a fence block (MCPE-24840)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed zombie villagers to break iron doors. (MCPE-43725)
  • Sitting mobs no longer slide around and breed. (MCPE-62160)
  • Mobs now consistently take damage when spawning on magma blocks. (MCPE-47518)
  • Tweaked the iron golem strolling animation. (MCPE-63151)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented polar bears, parrots, ocelots, and dolphins from being leashed. (MCPE-63095)
  • Cured zombie villagers can now offer discounted trades. (MCPE-47040)
  • Hostile mobs now correctly seek out and jump on turtle eggs. (MCPE-36244)
  • Cured zombie villagers no longer inherit XP unexpectedly, which would prevent them from acquiring a new profession. (MCPE-48712)
  • Villagers no longer become preoccupied with sharing carrots. (MCPE-32627)
  • Vindicators that spawn in woodland mansions now use the spawned event and become hostile before being attacked. (MCPE-43208)
  • Villagers now have a chance to offer trident enchantment books as trades. (MCPE-35406)
  • Creepers in boats now deal damage to players nearby.
  • Wolves once again heal when fed meat. (MCPE-63205)
  • Creepers no longer lose aggro immediately after losing sight of its target (MCPE-32815).
  • Ghast hitbox now matches its rendering (MCPE-44326).
  • Fixed the “MeleeAttackGoal” to allow entities to hit target entities beneath them.
  • The iron golem’s legs don’t swing as far anymore.
  • Reduced the melee attack range of mounted mobs (MCPE-48539).
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented mobs from burning on bottom-half slabs (MCPE-32822).
  • Turtles now lay eggs correctly (MCPE-59043).
  • Guardians can now spawn in bubble columns (MCPE-37671).
  • Fixed a bug that caused Vex mobs to move too slowly when moving on X and Z axes (MCPE-41879).
  • Angry Bees are now slower (MCPE-53689).
  • Walls do not have gaps anymore when stacked vertically.
  • Trapdoor collision now matches their visual shape. (MCPE-13451)
  • Paintings can no longer be placed on top of item frames.
  • Cactus blocks now break when next to lava.
  • Flowers in snow now break properly and drop the correct item. (MCPE-30147)
  • Falling blocks no longer break when falling on ice blocks and glass.
  • Falling blocks are now broken by partial blocks that are placed above piston arms facing up.
  • Mycelium no longer wrongly turns to dirt due to not having enough light.
  • Wall signs attached to doors are no longer left floating after the bottom half of the door is broken (MCPE-43748).
  • Smooth quartz now uses the correct texture (MCPE-42276).
  • Using Silk Touch on giant mushrooms now drops the correct blocks (MCPE-34114).
  • Redstone torches will no longer get stuck on or off when reloading the world (MCPE-48054).
  • Quality of life changes to the inventory screen when using a controller. Controls are now more user friendly and closer resemble the controls when using mouse and keyboard. (MCPE-34912)
  • The player can now strafe downward in water while swimming by holding the sneak button.
  • Control profile now properly switches to water controls when getting out of a bed underwater. (MCPE-49632)
  • Flying with elytra at high speeds no longer causes the sound to become jittery. (MCPE-19945)
User interface
  • The player can no longer type beyond what can be seen in the Book and Quill.
  • Adjusted hover text position in inventory to respect input mode (controller mode should show hover text at the edge of the currently selected element).
  • Carve tooltip is now displayed when pointing shears at a pumpkin.
  • Tooltip for leaving boat is now consistent across platforms.
  • Added Grow tooltip when pointing bone meal at compatible blocks.
  • Can no longer accidentally open keyboard when using book and quill with touch controls.
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes prevent the loading screen tips from showing correctly
  • Entities and blocks are now shown consistently in the structure block’s preview.
  • The tooltip for leaving a boat is now consistent across platforms.
  • The “grow” controller tooltip now shows when pointing bone meal at grass blocks or blocks underwater.
  • The “Require players to accept resource packs to join” checkbox is now visible again.
  • Fixed the ‘Take a tour’ navigation arrows in the Marketplace.
  • Fixed iOS keyboard covering the text input box when typing. (MCPE-53030)
  • Parity: Anvils now read “Enchantment Cost” rather than “XP Cost”.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the narrator to read the text twice on Xbox One.
  • The text-to-speech reader now reads URLs properly.
  • Unloaded crossbows no longer display the incorrect icon in the inventory. (MCPE-53545)
  • Updated the grammar in the /scoreboard command description to make it consistent with other commands.
  • Instant effects now use ticks instead of seconds when used with the /effect command. (MCPE-43393)
  • Item tags can now be toggled in the UI using /gamerule showtags.
Add-ons & scripting
  • Implemented a fix to ensure the player’s mount updates all riders to ensure consistent smooth rotation for all riders.
  • The delayed_attack behavior no longer causes mobs to freeze when they lose their target.
  • The on_unleash event is now triggered correctly when unleashing from a fence.
  • The ‘Create New World’ button text is now using the global color component.
  • Custom entities that use the runtime identifier field now use the custom entity’s name rather than the vanilla entity’s name. (MCPE-56229)
  • Fixed the circle_around_anchor behavior, which could cause mobs to freeze when there were blocks nearby.
  • Dispensed splash and lingering potions now have potion effects in their projectile component.
  • Fixed collision box not updating from the script.
  • The damage_sensor component now works on non-mob actors (such as ender crystals).
  • A mob spawned in the air no longer thinks it’s on the ground once its movement is ticked.
  • Entities no longer freeze when a component group containing a navigation component is removed.
  • Removed type property from minecraft:shooter as it was never used.
  • Updated minecraft:spawn_entity to have an internal entities object or array.
  • Updated the minecraft:behavior.circle_around_anchor behavior.
  • Added attack_chance to the minecraft:behavior.defend_village_target goal.
  • Fixed removed or destroyed entities querying as valid in script.
  • Invalid items in the spawn_item field of a minecraft:spawn_entity now display an error.
  • StompEggGoal no longer uses search_count as it now searches all blocks in the specified area.
  • Fixed navigation.walk to handle the case where it is used on a flying entity, so that the flying entity will not cause lag while it is touching the ground.
  • The minecraft:density_limit component is now documented in the Spawn Rules documentation section (MCPE-61126).
  • A content error will now show up if the player provides an invalid item name to minecraft:interact in the transform_to_item field.
  • Switching to a different geometry using a render controller now immediately change the geometry in-game.
  • Fixes for selectors with an empty tag as argument @e[tag=] and @e[tag=!].
  • Implemented AvoidMobTypeDefinition and converted hardcoded properties to be data-driven.
  • A content error will now show up if the player provides an invalid item name to minecraft:interact in the transform_to_item field.
  • Add documentation for minecraft:density_limit (MCPE-61126).
  • Adding a new subject to filters so damage sensors can filter on projectiles.
  • Fixed an issue with custom brewing recipes.
Character creator
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the wings costume piece to disappear with certain hairstyles.
  • Fixed the default player model to overcome some texture issues that could be seen when choosing different heights and sizes in the character creator.
  • Various user interface fixes.
  • The achievements screen can now be viewed through the character creator dressing room.
  • Fixed an issue that meant some character creator selections would not be saved between sessions. (MCPE-32089)


Source: Minecraft

Written by: Carizma

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  1. MARTIN November 21, 2020 | Reply


  2. Lkr July 1, 2020 | Reply

    We updated to the nether update on PS4 and we get to the point of opening or creating a world but then it crashes and we get the blue screen with CE – 34878-0 error!! We deleted Minecraft and reinstalled like some have suggested and still the same issue. PS4 is at the latest update too. We even waited a few days (today) from when the nether came out hoping maybe a patch would come… today we tried all the above again and not good. My son is beside himself with frustration. Any suggestions?

  3. Alex June 30, 2020 | Reply

    Hello, I heard that Mojang changed raid farms quite a bit so that they no longer produce emeralds or enchanted books… Is this true? I tried to read through the patch notes, but it was a bit hard to read it all; thx!!!

  4. Rain June 29, 2020 | Reply

    after this update our ps4 won’t get past the red mojang screen after opening minecraft. is there any news on how to fix this?

    • Alex June 30, 2020 | Reply

      You just have to wait a bit, I had the same problem.

  5. Weronika June 25, 2020 | Reply

    the same issue, how can I explain it to my son who is addicted 🙁

  6. Phil June 25, 2020 | Reply

    Finished downloading and installing nether update but now the game freezes. Is this due to the old worlds not being full compatible with the new update? never did this previously. TIA

  7. Troy June 24, 2020 | Reply

    My son has just downloaded mine craft update 2.07 and now it doesn’t work any suggestions on how to get it working again. It comes with a message of CE – 34878-0, I’ve done what it has ask to no answer. Thanx

  8. Taosry_gamer June 23, 2020 | Reply

    Doesn’t get past the red Mojang load screen when starting. What’s the fix for this.

    • Melissa June 24, 2020 | Reply

      Trying deleting Minecraft and reinstalling. Had the same problem and this fixed it for me. Good luck 🙂

      • Chris AoA June 25, 2020 | Reply

        Hi Melissa,
        When you deleted and reinstalled, were your saved games still present after the reinstall?

    • Alex June 30, 2020 | Reply

      Just wait a second it works after a few minutes, I had the same problem.

  9. A June 23, 2020 | Reply

    Will i have to make a new world? Or will my current one be updated?

  10. J June 23, 2020 | Reply

    did they fix the unable to join issue?

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