Modern Warfare 2019: Update Patch Notes of 24th August

Modern Warfare 2019: Update Patch Notes of 24th August

The Alpha for “Call of Duty Modern Warfare” is in full swing, with thousands of players currently testing the 2vs2 Gunfight mode. Today an update has been installed which is a pure server update, you do not have to download a patch.

We have the patch notes for the “Modern Warfare 2019” update on August 24th. In addition to the current patch notes, another update was announced for tomorrow, Sunday the 25th of August. Whether it will also be a server update or if “Modern Warfare 2019 Update 1.02” is released is currently unknown.


Modern Warfare 2019 Patch Notes August 24

  • Docks: A new 2v2 map is now in rotation! When we pushed the playlist update live earlier today, players were unable to connect to online services as a result. As of now, connection issues should be recovering, so thank you all for your patience as we worked through this.
  • M19 Pistol: Damage increased at longer ranges (now a minimum 5 shot kill instead of 6)
  • Improved Idle Player Handling (AFK): If at the end of a match you have not touched your controller within two rounds, you’ll be removed from matchmaking.
  • Improved matchmaking for solo microphone users – you’re now much more likely to find a teammate with a microphone.

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