Modern Warfare Warzone: Keycards – How to open stadium offices

Modern Warfare Warzone: Keycards – How to open stadium offices

The fifth season has opened the stadium in Call of Duty: Warzone, in which there are three rooms secured with card readers.

In the Acropolis National Arena VERDANSK, THREE ROOMS WERE SPOTTED – by the blue bar, on the upper level and in the parking garage – which have card readers next to their doors. These can be unlocked VIA THREE UNIQUE KEY CARDS distributed on the Warzone map. The secret offices contain loot chests and a computer that players can interact with. Different SEQUENCES OF NUMBERS AND SYMBOLS can be seen on the respective screens.

The community currently believes that THESE SEQUENCES CAN BE COMBINED INTO AN ACCESS CODE that opens the lounge on the top floor of the stadium, which is secured by an input field. In order to be able to type in the code, ALL THREE OFFICES MUST BE OPENED. The corresponding tip fields are already known from the Warzone bunkers. The combination of offices may also work there, but this is still unknown.


Three different Key Cards

In contrast to the red key cards that have been in Warzone for a long time, the cards belonging to the stadium have INDIVIDUAL NUMBERS. These indicate the location of the respective room: Cards that begin with “P2” open the secret room on park level 2. “EL” stands for “Elevated Level”, so the room can be found on the upper floors. “CL” cards work for the office by the bar at the southwest entrance.


Stadium – Three Blue Keycards

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