Modern Warfare Update Patch Notes of January 11th

Modern Warfare Update Patch Notes of January 11th

A new patch for Call of Duty Modern Warfare was released few minutes ago. Anyone who was in the game at the time received a message that a restart is necessary because a patch is available. This update is only for the servers, there is no patch to download.

So you don’t have to download and install a patch, this is not the Modern Warfare Update 1.13.


Modern Warfare Patch Notes of January 11th

  • Fixes to a few glitch spots on Karst River Quarry that requires vehicles to access
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the “Mark 25 Enemies Using the Recon Drone” challenge from tracking properly
  • When using a Trial Ticket to activate a Trials match, users could spend more tickets than required and lose unconsumed tickets. This has been fixed.
  • If more than 9 players are Infected, the player will not have a throwing knife available after using a Tac Insert


Source: Infinity Ward

Written by: Carizma

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