Modern Warfare Warzone Update 1.40 – August 12 Patch Notes

Modern Warfare Warzone Update 1.40 – August 12 Patch Notes

Like Black Ops Cold War, Mordern Warfare Warzone received the Season 5 update today. Below you can find the list of all changes and new content.

The MW Warzeon Update 1.40 can now be downloaded and installed. The file sizes are between 15GB and 24GB, depending on the platform.

With today’s patch, Season 5 content will be added to the game, including new Weapons and Jnew Operators. Find out all in the patch notes.


Modern Warfare Warzone Patch Notes 1.40

  • New Weapons
    • TEC-9 Pistol
    • EM2 Assault Rifle
    • Cane Melee
    • Marshal Pistol
  • New Perks
    • Combat Scout
      • Highlights enemies in bright orange when you damage them
    • Tempered
      • Armor Plates now absorb 75 damage
      • You only need two Armor Plates to fully armor up
  • Map Changes
    • Broadcast Stations
      • Spawn in random locations and offer high-tier loot
    • [Redacted] POI
      • Coming sometime during the season
  • New Gulag 
    • Based on Rush
  • New Operators
    • Kitsune
    • Hudson
    • Stryker
  • Red Door Mid-Season Event
    • More information will be revealed later in the season

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