Modern Warfare Warzone Update on May 1st – Patch Notes

Modern Warfare Warzone Update on May 1st – Patch Notes

A few hours ago, Infinity Ward released an unannounced Modern Warfare Warzone update, this is a server update!

With the Modern Warfare Warzone Update, among other things, the Most Wanted Contracts were removed from the Battle Royale mode Warzone, instead the Bounty Contracts were reactivated.

There are also further adjustments and bug fixes.


Modern Warfare Warzone Patch Notes on May 1

  • Fix for Gunsmith Custom loadouts not appearing in matches
  • Removing Most Wanted Contracts from Warzone and adding Bounty Contracts back
  • Adjusting the timer from 10 to 15 seconds in 3v3 Cranked Gunfight
  • Adjusting out of bounds timer in Infected
  • Adjusting the match start timer in Infected so players can join before the Infected countdown ends.
  • Fix for a bug where players could get stuck during the infil while loading into a BR match


Source: Infinity Ward

Written by: Carizma

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