NBA 2K23: Developers present the improvements

NBA 2K23: Developers present the improvements

It’s almost time, the coveted baseball simulation from Visual Concepts is going into the next round! In line with the approaching release, the developers spoke about the improvements that will be offered this year.

According to Visual Concepts, one of the most important innovations of “NBA 2K23” is the introduction of the throw properties, which gives each signature jump shot its own values that determine its effectiveness. There are also five new shot displays, with 15 more to unlock.

Especially on the PC, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S, the artificial intelligence has been revised again to ensure the most authentic experience possible on the virtual court.


Improved Defense

Defensive gameplay in NBA 2K23 will receive updates designed to provide more realistic ball and shot block defense. It was also pointed out that the primary and secondary takeovers of the predecessors were carried over unchanged.

That was not all! If you want to know more about the new gameplay changes, visit the official presentation.

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