Need for Speed Unbound: rumored to release in December

Need for Speed Unbound: rumored to release in December

Need for Speed game’s development, saying that the game will be publicly unveiled within the next two weeks. According to reports, the new entry is called Need For Speed Unbound.


90 seconds long clip 


According to the insider, the Need for Speed Unbound clip is approximately 90 seconds long. It also includes music by famous American rapper A$AP Rocky.


The following Need for Speed game was first mentioned in July 2020 when Electronic Arts revealed that Criterion Games had again taken over the franchise. However, the studio was reportedly compelled to assist in the development of Battlefield 2042 later that year, which lengthened the development of the upcoming Need for Speed game.


Unofficial videos leaked


Until now, a few unofficial videos of Need for Speed Unbound gameplay have leaked, showing that the game will probably contain anime-inspired graphics and sounds when players drift their cars or collide with things.




Need For Speed Unbound is a multiplayer-focused game that lets users compete against one another in a comfortable shared setting. New, exclusive to the Need For Speed franchise maps are reportedly included in the game. There hasn’t been any word yet on whether the game would only feature street racing or whether it will feature police encounters a la Need for Speed Heat.


The Snitch released a new tweet alongside Tom Henderson to reveal the phrase “Unbound” via a mathematical formula. Ready for Need for Speed Unbound? Share your thoughts below!

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