New Blackout Map for Black Ops 4 Coming Tomorrow

New Blackout Map for Black Ops 4 Coming Tomorrow

Treyarch confirms a new Battle Royale Blackout Map for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. You will land in Alcatraz and fight zombie inmates.

What is a map? So far, there is only one map for Blackout, but now comes with “Alcatraz” a completely new game world, which brings you to the famous prison island off San Francisco.

This new map is playable starting tomorrow and brings among other things again zombies with it, which were once inmates and now attack you mercilessly.

Suitable for the official announcement, a trailer for the Blackout Alcatraz Map was published:

Black Ops 4 — Alcatraz Trailer

So with this new Blackout map there will be a lot of new stuff, it can be very well possible that we also have to download Black Ops 4 Client Patch 1.17 tomorrow. At least all Playstation 4 players. According to our information, Alcatraz is initially only available for PS4 players.

Tomorrow we will know more about it! If there is a server update or a client patch 1.17, we will deliver the patch notes to you!

Written by: Carizma

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