New gun in Fortnite comes tomorrow – New Patch

New gun in Fortnite comes tomorrow – New Patch

In Fortnite, a new weapon is known. The so-called “Chiller Grenade” will come with the next patch. But fans are hot on the driftboard that has been promised for a long time. The weapon comes on Tuesday with the new update 7.30.

What happened? For the next patch Epic Games announced a new weapon. The weapon is a grenade that is supposed to freeze the enemy.

But many fans are still wondering where the snowboard stays, which Epic has already announced. Season 7 is slowly drawing to a close, making the release of the snowboard less likely.


This is the new weapon in Fortnite

fortnite patch 2.0

What can the grenade do? Not much is known about how the grenade works. But if you look at the grenade, you find out that it certainly has something to do with ice.

How could the granade work? Epic describes the grenade as “Give your opponent cold feet with this wintry grenade!”. So it seems likely that they might work like the ice traps that came in Season 7.

This trap eats up the feet of the opponents, so that they can no longer run properly, but slip over the ground. This makes targeting much harder. Whether the grenade causes the same effect is not known. Many players already suspect a similar function.


Update 7.30 comes on Tuesday, brings new weapon

When could the grenade come into play? Epic announces the grenade for the next patch. The patches usually come on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. So we can look forward to the new weapon soon.

The weapon will probably stuck in the update 7.30.

Update: Meanwhile, it is known. The update 7.30 comes already on Tuesday, January 29 at 4 AM ET (0900 UTC). Eventually, it will also provide Fortnite Patch 2.0 for download.

This is what the players say: The grenade is very popular with many players. The gun is a memorial to Season 7. When the ice has melted, this icy weapon is still reminiscent of the cold winter days in Fortnite.

So “iceek51” writes on Reddit: “It’s just like the Rift-to-Go! So you can carry something of the Season 7 in your bag when the next season starts already. “

Players demand the snowboard: Some time ago Epic promised the players a snowboard as a means of transportation. So far, the players are still waiting impatiently for the feature.

Season 7 ends on February 28th and the ice is already melting. It is hard to imagine that a snowboard can still drive over meadows and sand. A release on the snow map would have been much more logical.

So asks the player “Pedro-Rangel” on Reddit: “Where the hell is the snowboard ?!”

How do you like the new weapon? What do you all mean? Will the snowboard still be in this season?

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