New World Closed Beta – Server Problems and Lack of Access

New World Closed Beta – Server Problems and Lack of Access

The closed beta for Amazon’s New World started yesterday. Here you can find out how the beta is going, how stable the servers are and what the lack of access is all about.

First of all, not all players who have pre-ordered New World will receive automatic access to the beta. Some pre-orderers had to take manual action to participate in the beta.

Especially on Steam, where the New World Beta should be automatically added to the library. But that didn’t work for all players. You then had to lodge a complaint via the support and then got access in a very short time.

After the beta started, there was already the first message that the servers would be shut down again, and stability improvements were added. As expected, there were also longer queues of up to 30 minutes.

There are always moments when the message comes that the server will be shut down. The queues haven’t improved yet. But still, New World is in the top seller on Steam after only one day and now has over 200,000 players.

If you are currently in a queue or are interested in it in general, here are the latest patch notes and information about New World.

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Written by: Carizma

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