New World – New trailers show the combat system

New World – New trailers show the combat system

After a rework, the new MMO New World is still a blank slate. The first teaser trailers now show two scenes from the combat system in PvP and PvE: This looks amazingly dynamic.

New World is scheduled to be released in May 2020, but at the moment nobody outside the studio has more detailed information about the game.

Now Amazon has released two teaser trailers that show scenes from the fight. These teasers were shown in advance of the developer diary, which will be presented in a few days.


New World shows scenes from PvP and PvE

In one scene, a player fights the “Corrupted” with a musket, which are probably PvE opponents who aim to corrupt the island of Aeternum.

In the teaser trailer you can see that the musket protector first hits the opponent, then steps away and finally fires a shot from the hip with the musket while other opponents pounce on her.



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