Nioh 2 Patch Notes 1.17 Update on October 14

Nioh 2 Patch Notes 1.17 Update on October 14

The developers of Nioh 2 released a new update today. Below you will find all information about this update on October 14.

The Nioh 2 Update 1.17 can now be downloaded. You have to download and install a total of 6,5 GB. Today’s update includes Darkness in the Capital DLC, gameplay adjustments and bug fixes.

The “Darkness of the Capital” expansion won’t be available until October 15th!


Nioh 2 patch Notes 1.17

The patch notes are only available in Japanese at the moment, we translated them for you with Google Translator.


Contents to be added:

  • New story “Heiankyo Demon Den”
  • New weapon type
  • Higher difficulty mode
  • New youkai, souls and youkai techniques
  • New guardian spirit
  • New weapons, armor, accessories 
  • New secretary skill
  • New Equipment Rarity



The protagonist finds a company with a so-called flute in Yashima, where there was a big battle. When I tried to find out, Sohayamaru shined brightly and landed on Yashima at the end of the Heian period as “Marebito”. And every time there is a big war in this country, there is a shadow of a youkai behind it, and he learns that the heroes have fought to regain peace by wielding Sohayamaru.

* To play “Ushiwaka Senki”, you need to clear the main story.


NEW WEAPON TYPE – Prepared Sword

The training club is a weapon made by connecting several short sticks with a chain. By removing and fastening the seams of the rods, the length and movement can be changed flexibly. You can also remove the middle seam with the chain and use it like two nunchakus.
* It will be available from the beginning.


You will be able to acquire more powerful equipment, soul charges, and picture scrolls (new elements), and the upper limit of the player level and the limit value of the + value due to soul matching will also increase.

* You will be released by capturing “Ayakashi no Yumeji”.



Even more vicious new youkai block the way than the main story. New youkai souls and youkai techniques will also be added.

  • New guardian spirit
  • New weapons / armor / accessories
  • New secretary skills
  • New gesture / copy
  • New trophies / titles / play records
  • Special effects and alignment effects given to equipment available in Shura’s Yumeji


Source: Team Ninja

Written by: Carizma

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