Nioh 2 Patch Notes 1.24 Update on February 1

Nioh 2 Patch Notes 1.24 Update on February 1

The developers of Nioh 2 released a new update. Below you will find all information about this update on February 1.

The Nioh 2 Update 1.24 can now be downloaded. You have to download and install a total of 335 MB. Today’s update includes new functions, adjustments to settings and bug fixes.


Nioh 2 Patch Notes 1.24

Additional elements

  • “Cross-save management” function added
    You can select from “SYSTEM” on the “Title screen”.
    You can upload the save data you have played on the PS4 ™ version, download it on the PS5 ™ version, and continue playing. (It is also possible to switch from the PS5 ™ version to the PS4 ™ version)
    * To download save data, you need to have the same account as the uploaded PSN account.
    * Trophy is treated differently for PS5 ™ version and PS4 ™ version.
    Some acquired trophies (those whose acquisition conditions are difficult to meet again) can be automatically acquired when the save data is loaded.
  • Supports cross-matching with PS5 ™ version
    * PS5 ™ version cannot be matched by friends. Use the secret word if you want to play with a specific user.


  • Adjusted to make it easier to return with special skills for the following big skills of the boss
    • “Nue” biting big skill
    • A big skill to spit out the flames of “Shuten-doji”
    • The rushing skill of “Otakemaru”
  • Changed to maintain the equipment selected in “Base” after executing “Soul Match” in “Blacksmith”.
  • Expanded so that you can select “Dispose” from “Auxiliary function” of “Mission selection” on the everlasting companion preparation screen of “Emaki mission”
  • Changed so that the spirit of the tree is not hidden while the Yin-Yang technique “Fire Mark”, “Water Mark”, and “Thunder Mark” are active.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that it is easy to be pushed back unnaturally when performing the back martial art “Yakura collapse” near the wall
  • Fixed a bug that “Ichidoku” given to “Umibozu” will be revived when it returns to the water.
  • Fixed a bug that “Kamaitachi” that appears in “Hell” of “Naraku Jigoku” may climb on a step.
  • Fixed a bug that the grudge bullets released by “Kashinkyoshi” would not disappear with “Barrier Mark”
  • Fixed a bug that a special skill could be returned for a specific attack that is not a big skill of “Minamoto no Yoshitsune” and “Youki”.
  • Fixed a bug where the withdrawn Kaoru was revived in the main mission “Taichi no Oni” and Omagatoki mission “Demon Disaster Land”.
  • Fixed a bug where Omagatoki was sometimes discovered by enemies when worshiping at a specific company in the mission “Demon Disaster Land”.
  • Corrected the name of “Uesugi”‘s family crest protection “Eternal Harae de Damage Invalid” to “Eternal Exorcism Self-Defense” according to the actual activation effect.
  • Fixed a bug that the following effects would not be activated while the abnormal state “Jyo” or “Shinsei” was activated.
    • Onmyodo items “Fire Mark”, “Water Mark”, “Lightning Mark”
    • Special effect “Deep body”
    • “Breath of Nagi” of the guardian spirit “Phoenix”
    • Naginata Kama Martial Arts “Kaiten Blade”
  • Fixed a bug that the effect of “Nagi no Breath”, the protection of the guardian spirit, may not be activated if it is discovered by “Kami”.
  • Fixed a bug that the special effect “Magic Advance Borrowing” could not be unlocked by recovering the magical power when picking up the soul charge.
  • Fixed a bug that the guardian spirit’s blessing “Addition of magical power when hitting bullets and items” does not activate when hitting an enemy with an arrow explosion while using the ninjutsu “Fire / Explosion Arrow”.
  • Fixed a bug that the description of the abnormal state “Jyo” in the “Effect Icon List” was incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug that the count may decrease when the opponent is attacked by “Special Skill / Jin” in the special effect “Mai ga Nyoshi”.
  • Fixed a bug in the description of the weaknesses of “Water Demon” and “Dream Demon” in “Yokai Illustrated”.


Source: GameCity.

Written by: Carizma

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