Nioh: Players won’t be having the game on Xbox

Nioh: Players won’t be having the game on Xbox

Nioh franchise director Fumihiko Yasuda says players won’t be having the game on Xbox. Instead, it will be released exclusively on the PlayStation.

Recently, VGC published an interview with Bloodborne producer Masaaki Yamagiwa and Nioh franchise director Fumihiko Yasuda. The creators discussed Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and the potential for more Team Ninja games to be released on Xbox.


Nioh games were released exclusively on the PlayStation


Yasuda of Team Ninja responded, “There’s not too much of a potential of having Nioh on Xbox platforms,” when asked if Xbox users could be able to play Nioh 1 or 2 in the future.

Both Nioh games were released exclusively on the PlayStation platform. However, it appears that Sony and Koei Tecmo have a deeper exclusivity agreement than initially thought. It’s also important to note that Sony Interactive Entertainment is the games’ official publisher outside of Japan. It makes it much more difficult for Xbox fans to obtain both games for their favorite console.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty


Given that Team Ninja is an expert at creating mission-based linear games, the developers affirmed that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will continue in this vein. According to Yasuda, each mission will have enough action and foes to give the game adequate material.




The producer also teased a new morale system they designed for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, penalizing players for dying to weaker enemies and rewarding them for killing more challenging bosses. Despite Elden Ring’s phenomenal success, Team Ninja’s Yamagiwa thinks “there’s still a lot of possibility for doing new things in the more mission-based format and structure.”

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