One Piece Odyssey: The Pirate Crew travels back in time

One Piece Odyssey: The Pirate Crew travels back in time

One Piece Odyssey, the biggest game in the franchise, has finally received a release date. Nothing would captivate One Piece fans’ attention more than another journey with their beloved pirate gang. 


The new Island of Waford


In January 13 2023, One Piece Odyssey will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Steam. The game was created to mark the culmination of a 25-year journey with Luffy and his companions and to capitalize on the buzz generated by the manga.


The teaser suggests that Luffy and his group—aside from Brook?—will travel to the new island of Waford. Only the most courageous pirates would ever return from this island, and the reason is swiftly made clear. An island resident who despises pirates can condense their skills into cubes that can only be retrieved with specialized tools. It appears as though the girl will give Luffy and his team a place in her heart, but to get what they lost back, they will need to return in time to their earlier adventures and the places they visited with their comrades.


Overcoming challenges in special ways


By the end of the trailer, there is a clue that they will visit Alabasta once more. This is the remote island where they first met Robin and where they also met their buddy, Vivi. Although previous rumors have indicated that the game’s focus will be on examining each character’s individuality and how they each overcome challenges in their special ways, it is unknown whether the events will be the same or will occur differently. 


Take away


It looks like the game will be focused on appreciating the already existing story arcs, but in a way particular to One Piece Odyssey because it is designed as a turn-based game with that concept in mind. Are you looking forward ot One Piece Odyssey? Have you played the previous series Once Piece Pirate warriors?

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