Overwatch 2: Tournament For Underrepresented Genders

Overwatch 2: Tournament For Underrepresented Genders

Overwatch 2 and the Overwatch League developers, are promoting inclusivity in the community-based online game. This is as we approach the early-access launch of Overwatch 2.


Overwatch 2: Calling All Heroes


NME says that they are establishing Calling All Heroes, a joint venture between Overwatch and the Overwatch League. This project aims to promote gender equality across its servers.


The official Calling All Heroes website went live on Friday, making the news official. The website has limited material because it has only been launched. The only additional items included are the two main initiatives within the program.




According to Radiant Co-Founder and Executive Producer Heather “Sapphire” Garozzo, “it has been my personal and professional objective through Radiant to guarantee that everyone feels represented in esports.” Radiant will produce magnetic material starring some Challengers Cup players and deliver entertaining live broadcasts of the competition, sharing their inspiring stories and cultivating a fanbase for these deserving gamers.




On October 4, Overwatch 2 will become available for early access on PC, Switch, and PC through Battle.net, current and previous-generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and Nintendo Switch.

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Written by: verena smith

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