Overwatch Patch Notes 2.89 – Update on June 2

Overwatch Patch Notes 2.89 – Update on June 2

Blizzard developers today released a new update for Overwatch. Below are the full patch notes for this update on June 2nd.

The Overwatch Update 2.89 is now available for all affected platforms. This patch fixes general and hero issues.


Overwatch Update 2.89 Patch Notes



  • [PC-Only] Fixed a stability issue for users with Nvidia SLI or AMD Crossfire configurations
  • Fixed a Custom Game loading issue for Mei’s Snowball Offensive game mode
  • Fixed an issue with the Anniversary loot box screen camera focusing on the Anniversary lobby background resulting in loot box content confusion




  • Fixed a bug with the Little Red Ashe skin animating incorrectly when canceling out of the Take a Knee emote


  • Fixed a bug with Baptiste’s Immortality Field disc displaying too large during his highlight intro preview pose


  • Fixed a bug where the kill feed could display an Echo clone’s death without it actually being destroyed


  • Fixed a bug where Orisa’s Halt! ability would leave a fire effect on the ground if using the Demon skin


Source: Blizzard

Written by: Carizma

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  1. Fan June 10, 2020 | Reply

    Fuck you Blizzard and your 20+ GB updates. Fk your Warzone and overwaatch update b*tch made developers can’t properly release a game so just give us constant updates where half the player base just quit.

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