Path of Exile: 3.7.3 PC Steam Hotfix Patch Notes

Path of Exile: 3.7.3 PC Steam Hotfix Patch Notes

The developers of “Path of Exile” have released several hotfix update to the current version 3.7.3. This concerns at the moment only the PC version, the PS4 and the Xbox One did not receive these updates yet.

With the big PoE update 3.7.3 some mistakes have crept in, which are now being corrected gradually. Below you can find the patch notes for these updates.


Path of Exile 3.7.3 Hotfix Patch Notes

3.7.3 Hotfix

  • Fixed a bug introduced in patch 3.7.3 where passive skills conquered by unique Timeless Jewels did not grant their modifiers if the modifiers gained from being conquered matched the modifiers that the passive skill gave.


3.7.3 Hotfix 2 / July 2

  • Fixed a bug where Raise Spectre supported by Unleash Support could raise the corpses of monsters that were not normally able to be Spectres.

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