Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Update 1.0.5g Patch Notes

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Update 1.0.5g Patch Notes

Today there is another update for PF:WotR

The new Pathfinder WotR Update 1.0.5g is now available for download, for all platforms. We don’t know the file size.


Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Patch Notes 1.0.5g

  • Now you can complete the quest about 21 daggers;
  • You won’t skip Gray Garrison anymore right after entering by teleporting to the top floor;
  • Now Gold Dragons can rest in Drezen;
  • Your crusade stats won’t get stuck anymore;
  • The Repurpose spell will stop destroying loot and breaking NPCs;
  • Cloaks will stop living la vida loca, and will start to behave;
  • Saves from Last Azlanti mode should stop disappearing under mysterious circumstances.

Beware of possible plot spoilers below!

Quests and companions

  • An Azata couldn’t start a conversation with Maitresse Olla Devara with an active objective Visit the Court and talk to the Maitresse – fixed;
  • Azata’s quest in chapter 4 could stop if Aivu died during the fight with Ramisa’s guards – fixed. However you will need to load an earlier save, before the conversation with Ramisa, to continue Azata’s quest line;
  • Borrowed dreams quest couldn’t be completed if Ciar got mad at the player – fixed;
  • Dawn of Dragons quest wouldn’t start – fixed;
  • It was impossible to discover the Greengates location if you attacked Arueshalae during the siege of Drezen – fixed;
  • It was impossible to enter the portal during the Devastation quest, if it was opened with Nocticula’s help – fixed. It was possible to enter the portal without a key – fixed;
  • It was impossible to start a conversation with beggars again during The Art of Making Friends quest – fixed;
  • It was possible to find too many pages for the Storyteller, and uncover his story too early – fixed;
  • It was possible to get a quest A Conversation with Sosiel after finishing his quest – fixed;
  • Minor Improvements of Camellia’s romance and epilogue;
  • Regill wasn’t moving during his quest in chapter 5, if he had Hold Position toggled on – fixed;
  • The Dragon’s Fate didn’t fail when finishing chapter 3 – fixed;
  • Twenty-One Ceremonial Daggers could fail before you could actually complete it – fixed;
  • Yaker would come to Drezen and attempt to give you a quest even if you killed Regill – fixed.


  • Casting Dimension Door in Alushinyrra sometimes could break the game – fixed;
  • Fixed some cases of party teleporting “into the void” in Alushinyrra;
  • A band led by Merciless Tyrant in Alushinyrra Upper City could disappear right from under your nose due to an unlucky turn of the camera – fixed;
  • A chest in Alushinyrra was not lootable after solving the puzzle – fixed;
  • Added an autosave after the battle with Hepzamirah in chapter 4;
  • After completing The Enigma, the Enigma Rejection status could stay permanently – fixed;
  • Fixed the markers on the local map during the random encounter with Berenguer;
  • Fixed the visual of force fields in Blackwater;
  • In Gray Garrison the party could get teleported to the top floor – fixed;
  • It was impossible to rest in Drezen because of a Gold Dragon event – fixed;
  • Iz: If you didn’t interact with the Sword of Valor, the fate of some NPC was determined incorrectly – fixed;
  • Jerribeth in Ivory Sanctum was too friendly to the Commander in some cases. Now she’s back to being an evil person she actually is;
  • Moving islands in Alushinyrra Upper City could get stuck in the wrong position – fixed;
  • Removed electricity immunity from monsters in Blackwater dungeon. Reworked Cyborgization Feature a bit;
  • Sometimes characters could get stuck between the rotating puzzle’s platforms in Alushinyrra’s Middle City – fixed;
  • Sometimes devils would appear in Aeon’s city when they shouldn’t have – fixed;
  • Sometimes Greybor would forget to attack you if you refused to hire him in Ivory Sanctum – fixed;
  • Sometimes the combat mode would get stuck in Drezen in chapter 5, and some NPC were missing – fixed.


  • Couldn’t start the project “Enchanting the Faultless Daybreak” – fixed;
  • Inquisitor’s Divine Favor didn’t work correctly – fixed;
  • Divine Favor was missing a description – fixed;
  • Fixed an issue when some NPC, related to the crusade, remained in the Citadel;
  • Fixed the cancellation of relic decrees;
  • Fixed the issue with crusade stats not growing and units not spawning in the 2nd chapter. The affected players will receive the missing points;
  • Fixed the issue with the Logistics after defending a besieged settlement;
  • Gold Dragon Mythic Path started the 5th chapter without a proper army – fixed;
  • Lay On Hands now works according to its description;
  • Leaders of enemy armies had incorrect names – fixed;
  • Military Rank was stuck on VI – fixed. New errand from Odan will start properly;
  • Some projects wouldn’t update – fixed;
  • Some traps and abilities didn’t work correctly – fixed;
  • Sorcerers from Pupils of Nethys event were not friendly when chosen as an army unit – fixed;
  • The “Areelu Vorlesh’s Drafts” projects was available before its time – fixed;
  • The Pit Trap ability didn’t work correctly – fixed.

Classes & Mechanics

  • Some choices in automatic Mythic level up weren’t suitable for the automatic build – fixed;
  • A Bloodrager mercenary could go missing after their first level up, along with your money – fixed;
  • A Lich with Danse Macabre couldn’t get a Selective Channelling feat – fixed;
  • Added descriptions of the groups of demons for the Favored Enemy ability;
  • After retraining, it was impossible to level up a horse – fixed;
  • Carnivorous Crystals and some other enemies didn’t grant the immunity to their abilities on successful saving throws – fixed;
  • Sacred Weapon abilities for Warpriest had no description – fixed;
  • Some spells couldn’t be dispelled – fixed;
  • Spelleater’s ability Blood of Life didn’t have a description – fixed;
  • Swarm-that-Walks Feast ability could start affecting only one enemy – fixed;
  • Targets of the Lich “Repurpose” spell couldn’t have been looted after dying for the second time – fixed;
  • Using Repurpose on enemies that would later become neutral due to quest choices could break the game – fixed;
  • The Divine Hunter’s Otherworldly Companion provided incorrect resistances to the said animal companion – fixed.


  • Bane of Flesh applied incorrect bonus values while using Doom Pulse – fixed;
  • Bloody Meat had no charges and couldn’t be used – fixed;
  • The Headcracker weapon was affecting the enemies regarding of their saving throw – fixed;
  • Using a Midnight Bolt didn’t always provide a desired effect – fixed.

User Interface

  • A spellbook button in level up and character creation UI wasn’t working – fixed;
  • An icon for AoE kineticist spells has been added;
  • Duplicating enchantments have been removed from items’ descriptions;
  • In descriptions of some classes and abilities, the names of some abilities were missing – fixed;
  • Technical tags were visible in some descriptions – fixed;
  • The deflection bonus from Smite Evil ability was hidden in the UI – fixed;
  • Clicking right mouse button on the class in level up menu will cause the percentage to display for BAB and saving throws instead of numbers – fixed;
  • While retraining a character, it was possible to open the inventory, after which mythic paths could stop working as intended – fixed.


  • Enemies would cast Dominate person on the undead – fixed;
  • Fixed the behaviour of Gluttonous Maw in battle;
  • Minor improvements of Deskari cultists’ behaviour;
  • Necromancers and Cultists can now properly use the Channel Negative Energy ability.


  • Fixed the issue with Demon’s epilogue;
  • The Last Azlanti mode sometimes didn’t create a save upon quitting to the main menu – fixed;
  • Added an epilogue for Horgus;
  • Fixed the error in the epilogue regarding the Wardstones;
  • Fixed some epilogues related to the Aeon path;
  • Fixed an error in Greybor’s epilogue;
  • Fixed a visual issue with cloaks, tails, wings etc.;
  • Get the Toad achievement didn’t unlock – fixed;
  • A Flame achievement not unlocks correctly – fixed;
  • Fixed an error that led to a Unity VFX Graph crash on GPU Intel;
  • If you told Daeran to leave the party in chapter 1, he would stay until the Lost Chapel anyway – fixed. Now Daeran will listen to you. If you can’t find him after Lost Chapel, you may have to load an earlier save, before you asked him to leave, if you want to continue your adventures together;
  • Fixed the issue when the Legend couldn’t get the final reinforcements of the united forces of Golarion;
  • Fixed the issue with the incorrect colours of Aasimar’s eyes and lips after character creation;
  • Greybor wouldn’t appear in character sheet and was stuck outside of the map after The Price of Loyalty – fixed;
  • Repurpose spell could sometimes break the game in the most unexpected ways – fixed;
  • Sosiel could be seen paining in the wrong places, in the wrong time, and often without an easel – fixed;
  • The game could freeze when the Sword of Heaven was activated and the character attacked an enemy who had adjacent enemies – fixed.


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