PAYDAY 2 Infamy Update 3.2 – Steam Patch Notes on April 28

PAYDAY 2 Infamy Update 3.2 – Steam Patch Notes on April 28

Starbreeze Studio and the responsible developers released a new PAYDAY 2 update today. Below we have the complete patch notes on April 28.

PAYDAY 2 Update 3.2 can now be downloaded for all affected platforms. We do not know the size of the download at the moment.


PAYDAY 2 Patch Notes 3.2

Have you already unlocked all the previous infamous rewards? Well, you’re in luck, we have a bunch of new rewards for you to unlock for rank 82 to 99. And if you have not started on your infamy journey here are 24 more reasons to do so.

We bring lots of awesome new cosmetics for all our infamous heisters. Are you a true gangster? Then we bring you “The Executor” suit. Are you the leader of your heister crew? Then “The General” is most suited to reflect your rank. Each suit has an associated infamous glove to unlock. Now finish off the look with a nice weapon color and hit the streets with confidence and style.

Rank Reward Name
82 Gloves The Classics
83 Weapon ColorJoin Stinger Gold & WhiteMastertwang
84 Suit The Executor – The Urban Executor
85 Weapon ColorJoin Stinger Pink Pearl GreyBad Day
86 Suit The Executor – The Shamrock Executor
87 Weapon ColorJoin Stinger Gold PlatedWhammo
88 Mask Vanity Gold
89 Weapon ColorJoin Stinger Pink & Flower DipFightmarch
90 Suit The Executor – The Muted Executor
91 Weapon ColorJoin Stinger Paisley DipMetalcheck
92 Suit The Executor – The Inspector Executor
93 Weapon ColorJoin Stinger Classic Gold DipUndertap
94 Mask The Masquerade
95 Weapon ColorJoin Stinger Regal WallpaperPlot Twang
96 SuitSuit The General – The Classic GeneralThe General – The French General
97 Weapon ColorJoin Stinger Victorian WallpaperZapswitch
98 SuitSuit Gloves The General – The Blood GeneralThe General – The Ivory General70s driver
99 Weapon ColorJoin Stinger Psychedelic WallpaperDisco Whack


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