PAYDAY 2 Patch Notes 199.6.1 – PC Hotfix Aug 14

PAYDAY 2 Patch Notes 199.6.1 – PC Hotfix Aug 14

OVERKILL – a Starbreeze Studio and the responsible developers of Starbreeze Publishing AB released a new PAYDAY 2 hotfix update today . Below we have the complete patch notes on August 14th.

PAYDAY 2 Update 199.6.1 Hotfix can now be downloaded for all affected platforms. In total, you have to download and install 16,4 MB on PC. With today’s update there are only bug fixes and optimizations.


PAYDAY 2 Patch Notes 199.6.1


  • Fixed a client crash that occurred when loading into the safehouse of a player with customized masks on display that contained certain colors

Character Art

  • Fixed a clipping issue with the Lucky gloves when inspecting the Tatonka Submachine Gun


  • Breakfast in Tijuana – Fixed an issue where Locke would remind the player to fix a broken drill that was no longer present, after the player had used a keycard
  • White Xmas – Fixed an issue where an NPC’s face was missing
  • Election Day 1 – Fixed an issue where shooting a guard, in a certain section of the level, could make the body land behind collision and resulting in a pager that cannot be answered


  • Fixed an issue where the message box in the UI appears larger than usual when a player joins a game in progress


Quelle: Steam

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