Phantom Doctrine: Patch 1.0.5 – Changelog

Phantom Doctrine: Patch 1.0.5 – Changelog

The developers of Phantom Doctrine have released patch 1.0.5! Patch 1.0.5 fixes most of the LoS / LoF, animation, and combat system issues.

We have the complete patch notes for you, there you will find all the details for the update.


Phantom Doctrine 1.0.5 Patch Notes


  • the Actor perk decreases the range of recognition while in disguise (before: could never be revealed with said perk)
  • the Agent Overview window (before: Background) in the Crew Quarters facility now displays all abilities, including passive ones
  • improved generation of Hideout Candidate locations (prevents a selection of only the most expensive options, possibly leading to a bakruptcy loop, and other tweaks)
  • secret documents are only visible in the deployment phase after conducting Reconnaissance of the location
  • improvements and balancing of AI
  • experience gains balance
  • miscellaneous tweaks and improvements to animations


  • fixes an error which could lead to a progress block during the Undertow-related events (doesn’t resolve the issue for save files with blocked progress)
  • fixes an error leading to icons on the World Map disappearing
  • fixes wrong damage values (and sometimes blocks) which could occur while shooting from overwatch mode beyond a weapon’s range
  • fixes an issue which could lead to the disappearance of the top status bar in the strategic view after clickling Background in the Hire tab in the Crew Quarters
  • fixes an error which could under specific circumstances lead to a block when entering an enemy’s overwatch area
  • fixes an error which could lead to a block when attempting to move in the area of effect of Blister Gas
  • fixes an issue with saving the game when a player ends the turn with a hotkey while aiming
  • fixes an error in Danger generation for agents captured by Beholder
  • fixes an error with previous abilities not being removed after changing Training
  • key bindings for alternative keys are working correctly
  • dodge cost modifiers now update correctly in the Crew Quarters interface
  • fixed an issue with launching the game on the main monitor on multi-screen setups
  • the misplaced M-16 weapon is back in the game 🙂
  • various minor tweaks and fixes

Written by: Carizma

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