Phantom Doctrine: Patch Notes 1.0.9 – Changelog

Phantom Doctrine: Patch Notes 1.0.9 – Changelog

The developers of Phantom Doctrine have released patch 1.0.9! Patch 1.0.6 contains requested improvements and fixes.

We have the complete patch notes for you, there you will find all the details for the update.


Phantom Doctrine 1.0.9 Patch Notes

Improvements & added content

  • New variations of side missions throughout the entire campaign. They were added to the random pool of the following mission types:
    • Ambush
    • Conspiracy Cell
    • Enemy Recon
    • Informer Assassination
  • An in-game encyclopedia, full of information and hints regarding all aspects of gameplay in Phantom Doctrine. It’s available from the main menu as well as from the pause menu during strategic and tactical play


  • Fixed: endless black screen during the first launch of the game
  • The interface can no longer be locked by bringing up the pause menu at the exact moment a panel on the world map opens
  • The “ASSIGN” tooltip will no longer appear in all free slots at the same time on the Loadout screen after entering a secret cheat code on the gamepad 😉
  • Fixed: buttons on the Loadout screen are no longer assigned to both the support powers list and to unassigning agents / unequipping gear
  • Suppressors have been slightly adjusted for a better fit on some weapons
  • An enemy agent with the “Cabal Sleeper Agent” influence perk will correctly join the player’s team when combat is triggered in the first turn
  • Enemy agents correctly appear on the POI screen from a tactical mission which ends in failure
  • Minor text fixes

Written by: Carizma

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