Phantom Doctrine: Patch Notes 1.1 – Changelog

Phantom Doctrine: Patch Notes 1.1 – Changelog

The developers of Phantom Doctrine have released patch 1.1! Patch 1.1 contains requested improvements, fixes and Mod Support.

We have the complete patch notes for you, there you will find all the details for the update.


Phantom Doctrine 1.1 Patch Notes

Mod support

  • A plethora of game parameters can now be accessed and modded via .csv files to provide new gameplay experience with Phantom Doctrine
  • Custom agent portraits can be loaded into the game
  • Standard enemies can have their outfit presets changed
  • You may modify images, texts and parameters of the existing sidestories or even create your new sidestory events to add some interesting context to the main plot
  • You may modify all in-game text or create your own localization, however, it will be a bit more tricky

Improvements & added content

  • Additional variants of Investigation Board snippets and new satellite photos
  • Improvements to the already available names and surnames for Agents of various nationalities, and addition of new ones for more variety
  • Cabal and Beholder Agents were subject to some body engineering treatments and had their stats balanced
  • The Point of Interest popup on the World Map now displays the maximum number of Agents that may embark on a given Assault Mission
  • Agents carrying bodies have been trained to open and close doors on demand
  • VFX tweaks for weapon muzzle flashes and explosions


  • The “plant explosives” mission type is now always loaded with the appropriate non-story levels
  • Bargain ability Damage Threshold tooltip is now consistent with the actual boosted value (50DT instead of 200DT)
  • Alt-tabbing while having the gamepad selected as the primary input device no longer causes the game to receive additional input from the mouse
  • Workshop’s crafting assignment button states should now be more consistent with other facilities
  • Tiles no longer guarded by enemy units after the effect of the Distract ability fades are not marked as dangerous anymore
  • Fixed: The issue of agents being sometimes blurred out in the Forger’s Agent Customization screen
  • The game can now be launched also in 3840×1080, 3440×1440 and 2560×1080 resolutions, providing proper access to the Main Menu
  • All loading screens should be now properly displayed in ultrawide resolutions
  • All Investigation Board files and snippets regardless of the chosen language are now properly displayed and accessible also in the 1280×1024 resolution
  • Fixed: A rare occurrence in which enemy agents who were supposed to enable the CCTV systems were not only disabling them, but also hijacking the game camera altogether, resulting in a softlock
  • Various text and localization fixes

Written by: Carizma

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